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Seika Town
Seika Town

Research institutes and cultural facilities are clustered here to provide cutting-edge technology and culture while carefully preserving nature. Sweets using local fruits and other ingredients are also popular.
Seika Town is a town with beautiful scenery, including Keihanna Memorial Park and the rows of metasequoia trees that decorate Seika Boulevard. It is also known for its concentration of various research institutes and cultural facilities, and while protecting nature with care, it is disseminating state-of-the-art technology and culture. In addition, there are many unique Western and Japanese confectionery shops, so it also has the face of a "sweets town". Among them, sweets made with local fresh fruits are a delight unique to Seika Town. From winter to spring, when strawberries are a specialty product, there are farms where you can experience picking strawberries, so you can enjoy them while visiting sweets.


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strawberry (esp. the garden strawberry, Fragaria x ananassa)

All-you-can-eat strawberry picking for 40 minutes" that can be enjoyed without worrying about the weather and posture is 1,800 yen for adults, 1,600 yen for 6-12 year olds, and 1,300 yen for 3-5 year olds. Reservations can be made by phone or through the official website.

strawberry (esp. the garden strawberry, Fragaria x ananassa)

All-you-can-eat sweet and large fresh strawberries as much as you like

Strawberry picking" is held every year from mid-January to the end of May in three strawberry greenhouses on a vast farm of over 6,000 m2. Since the strawberries are grown on high, visitors can pick large, bell-shaped strawberries while standing, and eat as many as they like for 40 minutes, sometimes dipping them in condensed milk. Reservations are required two months in advance, and there are four starting times to choose from, and from March, five. If available, reservations can be made by phone on the day of the tour. Strollers and wheelchairs are welcome, so a visit with the family is recommended.

Huayagi Tourist Farm


50-1 Shimokoma Meihoji, Seika-cho (direct sales at 31 Shimokoma Kanezukida)

9:00-16:00 (reception hours, strawberry picking and direct sales from 10:00)

*For details, please visit the official website

Closed on Mondays, Fridays and national holidays

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*The park is currently open in 2022 ~ end of May.

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Oversight Department of the Left (overseeing the Ministries of Central Affairs, Ceremonies, Civil Administration

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Matcha Parfait Daifuku, a green tea parfait with fruit and whipped cream wrapped in homemade green tea bean paste, is 265 yen. Seasonal Strawberry Daifuku, available in Ogura and white bean paste, 235 yen.


A place where you can find your favorite and become a wagashi lover.

While cherishing the basics of confectionery making inherited from the previous generation, the shop offers a wide variety of Japanese confections that defy the boundaries of conventional confectionery. The store, which is loved by local people, has a wide variety of sweets, with 80 to 90 varieties on display at any given time. There are fresh confections, dumplings, yokan (bean jelly), o-hagi (rice cakes), creative wagashi such as choko castella, and pudding dorayaki made with palatinose, which prevents a spike in blood sugar. Many people are captivated by the taste and softness of Daifuku (rice cake) and Mamemochi (bean-cake cake), which are made with carefully selected ingredients such as Hokkaido dainagon (red bean paste).

Futaba, a confectioner of fresh confections


1-40-4, Shukuen Nishi, Seika-cho


Closed on Mondays (or Wednesday of the same week if Monday is a national holiday)

P available

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Boulanger Yama


Mame-mame-mire full of soybean flour, soy milk cream, black soybeans and soybean flour, 220 yen. Soft cranberry ¥140, dried pineapple and fromage ¥194


Meal bread that focuses on the ingredients and bread that looks like a sweet treat.

Located on the grounds of Viera Town Keihanna facing Seika Boulevard, this boulangerie is the sister store of Le Patissier Yamada. As is typical of the second store of owner-chef Akinori Yamada, freshly baked breads made with the finest ingredients appear one after another at the store. For example, the Y Bucket, which is made by aging bread at ice temperature to make it crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and the Salt Bread, which is semi-hard dough filled with butter and salt from the Andes, are just a few examples of the many breads made using domestic wheat. The main store is a sweets store, so the fruit-based Danish breads are also popular, and many women eat in for a three o'clock snack.



4-1, Hikaridai 1-chome, Seika-cho

8:00-19:00 (Eat-in LO/18:30)

Closed on Tuesdays (or the following weekday if Tuesday is a national holiday)

P available

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