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Kyotanabe City
Kyotanabe City

With easy access from the urban areas of Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara, the area is popular as a bedroom community. Look out for unique cafes and restaurants.
Kyotanabe City is easily accessible from the urban areas of Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara, and is a popular commuter town. Not only is it a comfortable place to live, but it is also a charming spot with Shuon-an Ikkyu-ji Temple, where Zen master Ikkyu, nicknamed "Ikkyu-san," spent his later years, and a tea plantation of gyokuro, which is known as the finest Japanese tea. There are many, and it is fun to take a walk. In recent years, it has become a hot topic that many unique restaurants have opened one after another in Funai, such as specialty restaurants where you can enjoy a wide variety of authentic Asian cuisine. I would like to visit while looking forward to the special dish that can only be tasted here.


Arabic name for the Arabic language school, Natsu-no-Oka~Seven Hills

Lamb Meatballs with Sesame Sauce

Lamb meatballs with sesame sauce: 1,760 yen. A pot using lemon for flavor and acidity, the tahina (kneaded sesame) sauce is the key to this halal food dish.


To be invited to the Arab table.
Enjoy exotic flavors

You will feel like you are enjoying an exotic journey in a space surrounded by sundries and photographs from the Arab world. The restaurant offers Arabic cuisine that uses a variety of herbs and vegetables, and Jordanian chef Ahmad prepares a menu that has been highly praised in his home country. The menu includes Hujjarah, a stew covered with bread dough, kebabs, and other barbecue dishes, as well as Turkish coffee. All of the dishes are carefully prepared, not spicy and easy to eat, and it is fun to listen to the explanations from his wife Natsuko. There are also many vegetarian, vegan, and flourless menu items.

Seven Hills - Specializing in Arabic Home Cuisine


58-1 Osumiike-no-Tani, Kyotanabe City


18:00-21:30 (LO/20:30)

Closed on Mondays

Take-out available (reservation required)

having a pornographic pose (spreading one's legs open wide)

orange line

Tenshi's Kitchen

Organic Lunch

The new organic lunch menu features a salad lunch plate with four themes to choose from, including beautiful skin and intestines. With dressings using moringa and beets, as well as other superfoods, this is a lunch that will make you feel beautiful if you keep eating it!


Organic cafe-restaurant where you can feel happiness.

I want more people to eat organic food. The owner, who speaks from the bottom of his heart, experienced how important food is when he himself became ill. The lunch, dessert, and drinks using 100% organically grown vegetables and cereal rice, as well as organic spices, are gentle enough to satisfy not only the body but also the soul. A variety of new anti-aging themed menus are also available.

Angel Kitchen


1-2-1 Matsuigaoka, Kyotanabe-shi, Kyotanabe Aqua Home Bldg. 1F

11:00 - 17:00

Closed on Tuesdays (next day if Tuesday is a holiday)

Organic food shopping available

P available

orange line

Asian Kitchen Real

Lamb Meatballs with Sesame Sauce

Three of their signature dishes are Yangnyom Chicken & Kimpas (800 yen) and Khao Mangai with Daisen Chicken (700 yen). The rice menu also comes with soup as a service.


A friend of the common man in pursuit of realistic and delicious food.

An international restaurant by a young couple near Doshisha University. They have created an original menu based on their own trial and error to offer only dishes that they consider to be real = truly delicious, and offer them at a reasonable price. For example, the yangnyom chicken, with its crunchy batter and Korean gochujang (red pepper paste), has the ultimate texture and taste that cannot be found anywhere else. Khao Mangai, for example, uses Daisen herb chicken from Tottori to make it moist and juicy, and is served with jasmine rice and an ethnic dipping sauce similar to that used in Thailand. The owner, who is full of ideas, says, "I want to offer you a new dining experience that is unique to this restaurant! The owner, who is full of ideas, says, "This is a new dining experience only at this restaurant!

Asian Kitchen Real


75 Miyamaki Kakinouchi, Kyotanabe City

12:00 - 21:30

Closed on Wednesdays

Take-out available

P available

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