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Anko (red bean paste) made by Mizuguchi Seian

Unusual red bean paste made from white kidney beans and kneaded with matcha (powdered green tea), hojicha (roasted green tea), strawberry, caramel, and other ingredients is also sold seasonally.

Mizuguchi Seian" in Shiga adjusts the sweetness and firmness according to the way you eat it.

Since its establishment in 1950, the bean paste factory has been supporting Japanese confectionery stores in the suburbs. The sweetness and firmness of the bean paste are adjusted according to the customer's request, such as "I want to use it in josei-gashi" or "I want to develop iced monaka (sweet with sweetened bean paste). Recently, deliveries to bakeries and western confectionery stores have been increasing. The main ingredient, azuki beans, are mainly from Tokachi, Hokkaido, and Dainagon from Koka, grown locally. Each 500g pack of Koshi-an and Tsubu-an can be purchased at the factory and direct sales shop, as well as at the JA-operated Hananokaichi Mizuguchi Store.

Mizuguchi Seian's tsubu-an and koshi-an

In addition to Hokkaido azuki beans, Koka Dainagon azuki beans are sometimes used for tsubu-an. Enjoy it on toast, make obagi, or any other way you like. Ankoya's koshi-an and tsubu-an each (500g) 500 yen

The third generation owner, Kodai Kazaoka, shares with us the unsweetened raw bean paste (more than 1 kg), saying, "White stew made with white raw bean paste is also delicious!

Mr. Kazeoka of Mizuguchi Seian

Mizuguchi Seian

  • Minamuchi Reform Party (1882-1896)
  • 1-15 Shikabuka, Mizuguchi-cho, Koka-shi, Shiga
  • 1 minute walk from "Mizuguchi Ishibashi Station" of Omi Railway
  • Tel. 0748-62-0341
  • 9:00-17:00
  • Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
  • 2 parking spaces
  • https://instagram.com/minakuchiseian
  • Eat-in not allowed
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