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"Mashiro" in Karasuma is a parade of high quality ingredients with absolutely no compromise.

August 20, 2023 open

From the moment you exit the elevator, you feel the gentle incline, the wine cellar appears, and you gradually move from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Beyond the massive tin doors, it is like a paradise for gourmets that exists quietly in the city. In a space where nature and modernity coexist, you will be welcomed by Chef Kosimo, a Michelin-starred chef, and his hospitable service staff.
All of the ingredients that appear in the course menu are from producers whose faces come to mind. Without the relationships I have developed with the producers, my cuisine would not be possible. Although my cuisine is based on French cuisine, my priority is to make the most of the ingredients, not the technique. If the ingredients are rich in flavor, I choose not to add sauces. If I had to venture a guess, I would say that we are a genre-less restaurant.


The taste of sea urchin on the beach is intoxicating, the consommé and matsutake mushrooms rising from the wine glass leave you speechless, and the noodle dish served at the end is a surprise... All the dishes are perfect at 10 points or even higher. The restaurant has a foundation of deliciousness, and brushes up on that foundation in a gorgeous and enjoyable way, without destroying the foundation.


Chef Kosimo smiles and says, "I just want you to feel better and get back to your daily life, that's all.


All dishes are part of a dinner course priced at 26,400 yen (not including tax). One bite of the sea urchin, prepared in seawater, will take your mouth under the sea!


Soft flan under a bed of salmon roe. Aroma of citrus, scallops and sea grapes on top.


  • mashiro
  • August 20, 2023 open
  • 2F OHG Kyoto Rokkaku Building, 234 Donomae-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
  • 4 min. walk from Exit 5 of Karasuma-Oike Subway Station
  • Tel. 050-3164-5815
  • 12:00 simultaneous start, 18:00 simultaneous start
  • Closed on Wednesdays and irregularly closed on Tuesdays
  • All seats non-smoking No private room No parking
  • https://mashiro-kyoto.com/
  • PHOTO/Taka Natsumi, TEXT/Riho Tachihara
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