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Kyotofu Fujino

Lunch-only Tofu Set for 2,310 yen (content changes seasonally). This satisfying set meal includes fluffy oboro tofu, soy milk cream croquettes, and seasonal takikomi-gohan (rice cooked with soy milk). Refills of the Oboro Tofu are free, and dessert using soy milk and black bean coffee are served after the meal.

Creative cuisine of [Kyotofu Fujino] where you can experience the new charm of tofu

Kyo-Tofu Fujino delivers tofu made from 100% domestically grown soybeans to customers' tables. Kyo Tofu Fujino, directly managed by Kyo Tofu Fujino, has a reputation for creative cuisine that combines fresh tofu and soy milk delivered daily from the company's factory in Tango with seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy not only yudofu and chilled tofu, but also new charms of tofu.

Kyotofu Fujino

The restaurant is located on the 11th floor of a department store directly connected to the station, and the window seats offer a view of Kyoto City. The seats are spaciously arranged so that customers can enjoy a relaxing time. Halal-certified menus (prior reservation required) are also available, allowing diners to enjoy tofu dishes with a variety of guests.

Kyotofu Fujino

Kyoto Tofu Fujino

  • Kyotofu Fujino
  • JR Kyoto Isetan 11F
  • Directly connected to each line "Kyoto Station"
  • Tel.075-352-5401 (Direct)
  • 11:00-22:00 (LO/21:15)
  • Closed irregularly (in accordance with the closure of JR Kyoto Isetan)
  • All seats non-smoking No private room No parking
  • https://www.kyotofu.co.jp/shoplist/isetan
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