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Dining where Japanese and Western aesthetics intersect [54TH STATION GRILL]

Kyoto Yuraku Hotel M Gallery is the first hotel in Japan under the M Gallery brand, which operates more than 100 facilities worldwide. The dining room in the basement is based on the new concept of a place where people who have completed the 53 Stages of the Tokaido journey can celebrate the end of their journey by bringing seasonal ingredients from all over Japan, and enjoy French-style course meals incorporating Japanese ingredients in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to a wide variety of dishes served in small portions, the menu also features a variety of dishes for women, such as edible flowers that can be personalized to your own taste. The course style menu offers a choice of seven different main courses.

6 kinds of appetizers: "Fresh spring rolls, Shonan shirasu salmon, salmon roe, micro leaf, yellow soy sauce", "Nara's horse meat, clodhopper, wasabi in Shizuoka, scallion", "Salted malted rice foie gras, beets, shiso, hanbei fu "Eel from Lake Hamanako, Tanba chicken mousse, caviar, fruit tomatoes", "Sake lees soup, yuzu, tree buds".

Meat dish: Wagyu beef rump with cloud peas, scallions, shiso and ginger consommé.

Meat Dishes:"Kyoto duck breast, honey, walnuts, cherries

Dessert: 5 desserts selected by the pastry chef today


For the main course,Add edible flowers or other condiments to taste.

■Course content
6 appetizers (including soup), main course,Assorted 5 kinds of dessert, drink

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3 kinds of homemade chocolates present


  • Fifty Force Station Grill
  • M Gallery B1F, Kyoto Yuraku Hotel, Ohashi-cho 84, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan
  • Tel. 075-366-5807 (direct)
  • Morning 7:00-10:30, Lunch 11:30-14:30, Dinner 18:00-21:30
  • 7 days a week
  • All seats non-smoking No private room No parking lot P
  • https://kyotoyurahotel-mgallery.com/
  • ■Providing period
    April 29 - July 31
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