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[Oyaji Camp Meal vol.11] Try fishing for the first time!

A camping project undertaken by LeafMix candidate and outdoor beginner Ryota Ueno!

Following on from making a fire, this is the second [I tried it series] series, and this time it's fishing!

Fishing is really tough~!!
I held out for about 3 hours, but with a sad result.

Although it has not been held this year due to the declaration of a state of emergency, it seems that a fishing tournament is held every Golden Week.

I would like to try again next year!

・Back memo
Location: Kyoto Ikoinosato Kuta Campsite (Kutagawaaicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City)

This photo was taken near the filming location of Oyaji Camp Meal.
*On this day, the shooting location “Kutanosato Auto Campsite” was full.

Please note that entering and exiting Ikoi no Sato after 17:00 and disposing of charcoal and firewood after 17:00 are basically prohibited until morning (until the administration building opens).

*Please note that the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
*Since this site uses automatic translation, the translation may differ from the original Japanese content.


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