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Outside play at SAKEWORLD Yase

*Photographs show past events.

Sake World Sake Tasting in Gion Festival" where you can enjoy cold sake from 300 yen per glass / Daimaru Kyoto Store

Saturday, July 15, 2023 - Sunday, July 16, 2023
1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Daimaru Kyoto Nishiki-koji Street side

On July 15 (Sat.) and 16 (Sun.), 2023, a sake tasting event will be held by Sake World, a media site for enjoying Japanese sake operated by Leaf, at the Nishikikoji-dori side of the Daimaru Kyoto Store, which falls on the Yoiyama and Yoiyama days of the Gion Festival.

The tasting will feature 30 brands of sake suitable for summer from about 20 sake breweries, mainly from Kyoto and Shiga. Other offerings include sake frozen in an instant-quick freezer and frozen sake. [Sake World's editorial staff has carefully selected sake for you to sample for as little as 300 yen per glass, so we recommend that you compare sake from the breweries you are interested in. Enjoy a glass of chilled sake with the Gion Festival!

Participating Sake Breweries

  • Kyoto: Ikeda Brewery, Kitagawa Honke, Kumano Brewery, Shirasugi Brewery, Joyo Brewery, Hakurei Brewery, Matsui Brewery, Yosamusume Brewery
    Shiga: Laughing Shiki Brewery, Taga Brewery, Takeuchi Brewery, Naminone Brewery, Matsuse Brewery, Mitomiku Brewery, Mochizuki Brewery
    Hyogo: Okada Honke, Tomikunishiki Brewery
    Fukui: Obama Sake Brewery

Sake World Sake Tasting in Gion Festival

  • Salmon World Japan Shuushin Kaikai in Gion Festival
  • Daimaru Kyoto Nishiki-koji Street side
  • Saturday, July 15, 2023 - Sunday, July 16, 2023 13:00 - 21:00
  • Price / From 300 yen per cup
  • 79 Tachiuri Nishimachi, Shijo-dori Takakura Nishiiri, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • Short walk from "Karasuma" subway station (directly connected to the underground passage)
  • https://sakeworld.jp/
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