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Leaf KYOTO mall

[Leaf KYOTO mall] Introducing the top 5 best-selling restaurants in Kyoto in January 2024.

Leaf KYOTO mall" is a site for ordering Kyoto gourmet foods carefully selected by Leaf, which sells Kyoto's beloved gourmet foods that you should try at least once.
It's already been a month since 2024 began, and January's hot-selling lineup includes a wide variety of products, from mellow, rich chocolates to warm udon noodles for those cold days! Don't miss out on our editorial department's gourmet recommendations that you should try at least once.

1.No.1: Orders are flooding in and there is a waiting list for shipment! [TREEE'S KYOTO] Botanical Cookie Tin - Leaf Limited Special

TREEE'S KYOTO is a much talked-about brand of sweets created by sommelier and patissier SIN. The botanical cookie tins in particular have been featured on TV, magazines, and other media, and are so popular that there is a waiting list for shipment. The cookies, which are made by utilizing the knowledge of a sommelier to bring out the individuality of various tea leaves, will surprise you with the rich flavor of tea that spreads in your mouth and the soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture. They are also popular as gifts because of their cute appearance.

TREEE'S KYOTO Botanical Cookie Tin

TREEE'S KYOTO Botanical Cookie Can - Leaf Limited Special - "Tea Leaf Set"

2.No.2: Kyoto's most popular udon restaurant with a long line of customers! [Yamamoto Menzou] Trial Kake Udon

The udon noodle sets from Yamamoto Menzou, which has a store in Okazaki, Kyoto, are popular, with huge lines at the store every day. The three-serving set includes udon noodles (kake, kitsune, and miso), all of which are thin but have a chewy, elastic texture. You can enjoy three kinds of udon noodles: simple kake, juicy kitsune with sweet and spicy seasoning, and spicy and punchy meat miso. Try them for yourself.

Yamamoto Menzo

Yamamoto Mengura Trial Kake Udon (Kake x Kitsune x Meat Miso) 3 Meal Set

3.No. 3: Super rich dark matcha green tea! [TREEE'S KYOTO] Adult dark green tea truffle chocolate Leaf Edition

From [TREEE'S KYOTO], introduced with its No. 1 cookie tin, comes a chocolate truffle for adults with an ultra-rich dark matcha taste! The rich and deep flavor is made with only simple ingredients: carefully selected organic Uji matcha green tea from Kyoto Prefecture, couverture chocolate, and whipped cream. The transparent aftertaste of the dark green tea truffle chocolate is adorned with Leaf's original "Tsunagu" themed packaging. 300 pieces only, so don't delay!

TREEE'S KYOTO O-No-cha Truffle Chocolate

TREEE'S KYOTO Oano Cha Truffle Chocolate Leaf Edition

4.No. 4: Also famous as a gyoza restaurant with a sauna! [Isawa Gyoza Nakashima] Gyoza Deep Leaf Special

Even though it is a gyoza restaurant, [Ikawa Gyoza Nakajima] has been talked about in the media as having a sauna. The famous gyoza deep-fried dumplings are a perfect combination of the delicious taste of Kyoto poke, Aomori garlic, and the sweetness of domestic vegetables. It also comes with three kinds of sauce: vinegared soy sauce, miso, and garlic miso, which makes an endless loop of deliciousness that will keep your chopsticks going. Grill them in the included lard and enjoy them hot!

Izukawa Gyoza Nakajima

Ebisugawa Gyoza Nakajima Leaf Special

5.No.5: Once you try it, you'll be addicted! Yakiniku Hayashi's Yakiniku/Hormone Red & White Mixed Yakiniku with Sweet & Spicy Seasoning

[Now on sale exclusively at Leaf KYOTO mall. Yakiniku Hayashi's yakiniku/horumon (grilled meat and hormone) red and white mixed yakitori is a regular on the ranking list, and is a perfect combination of plump and fluffy hormone and tender red meat. It is soaked in a special miso-based rub sauce, making it an ideal dish for those days when you want a rich and hearty yakiniku meal. Also recommended for yakiniku home parties!

Yakiniku Hayashi

Yakiniku Hayashi Yakiniku/Hormone Red & White Mixed Grilled 600g

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