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[2023] 16 Winter Afternoon Teas to Enjoy at Hotels in Kyoto

The long-awaited Christmas season is here! The afternoon tea menu now offers a variety of exciting and festive sweets featuring Santa Claus and his reindeer. The savory dishes are also more luxurious and party-appropriate. The hotel's glittering decorations will also attract your attention! Whether you are a family member, lover, friend, or alone, take your time and enjoy the Christmas afternoon tea at the hotel.
*All prices listed include tax.

1.Course-tailored afternoon tea [Park Hyatt Kyoto]

A five-course afternoon tea featuring caviar, truffles, Omi beef, and other ingredients appropriate for the festive season. Delicate and gorgeous sweets and savories reflected in the mirrored afternoon tea stand, freshly fried croquettes, freshly baked soufflés, and more are served with richly scented Japanese tea carefully selected by the sommelier. Enjoy an elegant afternoon at the tranquil The Living Room.

Park Hyatt

Location: Park Hyatt Kyoto 1F [The Living Room]
Period / Friday, December 1, 2023 - Wednesday, January 3, 2024
Time/12:00-17:00 (LO) (2 hours each)
Price/Festive Afternoon Tea: 6,600 yen per person (not including tax)
From December 22 to January 3, 2024, 9,900 yen with champagne (not including tax)
Reservation/Reservation required by the day before via the website or by phone

Park Hyatt Kyoto

2.Prepare your mind and body with Japanese afternoon tea at [Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto]

From November 1 to January 7, 2024, the theme is winter skin care, and ingredients selected by the Chinese medicine specialty store Yakujindo will be used in Kameya Ryoucho's Japanese sweets and Saryo Hachisui's special savory dishes. The beverages include Hibicha, a blend of rooibos with the rich flavor of rose and jasmine that relaxes the stiffness of the body. The menu also includes 24 other free-flowing drinks, so take your time to savor and enrich your body and soul.

Location: Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto [Saryo Hassui]
Period / Wednesday, November 1, 2023 - Sunday, January 7, 2024
Time: 11:00-, 12:30-, 14:00-, 15:30- 4 shifts (use time: 1 hour and 30 minutes each)
Price: Japanese afternoon tea 6,100 yen per person (service included) *Plans with champagne and matcha are available
Reservation / Reservation required by 17:00 two days before

Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto

3.Afternoon tea to brighten the holiday season [Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto]

The Festive Afternoon Tea is inspired by the Christmas and New Year season spent with loved ones. The lineup features a rich flavor with a sparkling red accent color that enhances the festive atmosphere. The menu includes five kinds of party-like sweets and four kinds of savory winter treats, as well as a selection of premium teas from Germany's Ronnefeldt, including Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto's original tea blends. Original tea mocktails are also available. Enjoy an afternoon filled with a special feeling while gazing at the Christmas tree in the background of Sekisui-en Garden.

Four Seasons Kyoto

Location: Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto 3F [The Lounge & Bar]
Period / December 1, 2023 (Friday) - January 8, 2024 (Monday)
Time/Part 1 12:00-14:30 (LO/14:00), Part 2 15:00-17:30 (LO/17:00)
Price/Festive Afternoon Tea: 7,500 yen per person on weekdays, 8,300 yen per person on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (including tax)
(8,500 yen per person from December 23 to January 3)
Reservation/reservation required

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

4.Afternoon tea filled with the sparkle of the festive season [HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO]

The afternoon tea in collaboration with MIKIMOTO COSMETICS. The menu includes shortbread and Stollen made with pearl powder, which is said to have been used by Yang Kwei-Hui, a pearl-shaped cookies and cream mousse, white fish and lotus root mijo, lobster and apple tart, and many other items that will make your mouth water like a holiday coffret. The menu is lined up like a holiday coffret. Enjoy a tea time that shines with the beauty of pearls along with the view of the garden.

Sumitomo Corporation

Period / Friday, December 1, 2023 - Sunday, January 14, 2024
Time / 2 shifts from 12:00 and 14:30
Price / Afternoon Tea "Winter Elegance" 7,100 yen per person
Free-flow drinks are available for an additional 600 yen (all prices include tax and service charge).
Reservation/reservation required via web or phone


5.ROKU KYOTO's afternoon tea is inspired by the winter forests of Takagamine where snow falls.

Elderflower and white chocolate mousse jelly resembling a snow globe, Kyoto black tea millefeuille, and yuzu-scented weekend citron are just a few of the white-colored sweets that will make your winter afternoon tea time more colorful. Other red-colored savories using winter flavors will also be available, such as truffle-filled croquette burgers and Shogoin kabu and kumquat scones. Enjoy afternoon tea in the magnificent natural setting of Takagamine with a selection of eight original teas, including ginger and cinnamon flavored teas.


Location: ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts 1F Restaurant [TENJIN]
Period / Friday, December 1, 2023 - Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Time/14:00-16:30 (Start time 14:00-14:30, Drink free flow LO/90 minutes)
Price/ Afternoon tea -kitayama sugi- 6,957 yen per person (incl. service charge)
Reservation / Reservation required by the day before

ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts

  • Roku Kyoto L.R. Hotels & Resorts
  • 44-1 Kinugasa Kagamiishicho, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 15 minutes on foot from the bus stop "Kinkakuji-michi"
    About 30 minutes by car from Kyoto Station
  • Tel.075-320-0176 (Weekdays 10:00-17:00)
  • https://www.rokukyoto.com/restaurants/tenjin

6.Must-see afternoon tea for strawberry fans [Kyoto Brighton Hotel].

The Kyo plate features cute sweets that make the most of the individuality of the five brands of strawberries, while the first course features a variety of hotel-made savories, such as strawberry-accented focaccia and saikyo miso-flavored paté cutlet sandwiches. The second course features cute miniature versions of the hotel's popular cut cakes, such as strawberry millefeuille and ping pong mums that resemble chrysanthemums. The closing parfait is refreshing and easy to eat, with strawberry and apple sorbet and Miyama milk granite, so that it can be eaten after enjoying savories and sweets. Enjoy strawberries to the fullest.


Place / Kyoto Brighton Hotel 1F Lounge Bar [Cu au Midi]
Period / Friday, December 1, 2023 - Thursday, February 29, 2024
Exclusion dates / Monday, January 1, 2024 (national holiday) to Wednesday, January 3, 2024 (national holiday)
Time/13:00-17:00 (2 hour system *Tea free flow is 90 minutes)
Price: Afternoon tea set - KYO-NO-KOMACHI - 4,800 yen per person, 5,500 yen per person with Ronnefeld tea selection
Reservation / reservation is better (limited quantity)

Kyoto Brighton Hotel

7.Afternoon tea decorated in Christmas colors [Darwa Yuraku Kyoto]

The tea stand will feature six types of sweets, including Stollen and bonbon chocolates, which are well-known at Christmas time. The savory menu includes five kinds of dishes using Omi duck, lobster, and other ingredients to heighten the festive mood. A welcome drink, "Glühwein Tea" made with non-alcoholic sparkling wine, will be served as a welcome drink. Feel the Christmas spirit from the afternoon tea.

Dawa Yuraku

Place / Darwa Yuraku Kyoto 1F [Lounge & Bar 1867]
Period / December 1, 2023 (Friday) - December 25, 2023 (Monday)
Time/12:00~, 13:00~, 14:00~, 15:00~ 4 shifts (usage time/2 hours each)
Price / Christmas Afternoon Tea: 6,500 yen per person (including tax and service charge) *2 hours free-flow (LO/30 min. before)
Reservation/reservation required

Dawa Yura Kyoto

8.Christmas Afternoon Tea from Dusit Thani Kyoto, which opened this September

The menu consists of warm Tom kha kung soup with a Thai atmosphere, savory dishes such as fried part-fillet wrapped in white gift bags inspired by the white gift bags carried by Santa Claus, roast beef mini burritos inspired by the stumps of a Bush de Noel, and sweets such as Tanba chestnut Bush de Noel (with meringue mushrooms for decoration), strawberry shortcake in the style of a Christmas candle, pistachio Christmas tree, and more. The menu consists of sweets such as Tanba chestnut Buche de Noel (with meringue mushrooms for decoration), Christmas candle-like strawberry shortcake, and pistachio Christmas tree. Enjoy the collaboration of Thailand and Japan.

Dusit Thani Kyoto

Place: Dusit Thani Kyoto 1F [The Gallery]
Period / December 1, 2023 (Friday) - December 25, 2023 (Monday)
Time/12:00-17:00 (90 minutes)
Price / Christmas Afternoon Tea: 7,590 yen per person (incl. service charge)
Reservation/reservation required via web or phone

Dusit Thani Kyoto

  • Dusit Thani State
  • 466 Nishinotoin-cho, in front of Nishinotoin-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 12 min. walk from JR "Kyoto Station" Central Exit
    9 min. walk from Gojo Subway Station (Exit 8)
  • Tel.075-343-7150
  • https://www.dusit.com/thanikyotojp

9.Afternoon tea full of Christmas spirit [The Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto]

The red reindeer mousse, Santa Claus verrine, tree-shaped tart with pistachio chantilly, strawberry mousse in the shape of a present box, and a small bûche de Noël with a snowman on top are just a few of the sweets that are sure to please the eyes. The savory menu includes a variety of mouth-watering party favorites such as mini burgers and cream of pumpkin soup. Enjoy a free flow of your favorite beverages such as Jing Tea's fine teas, Japanese teas, and coffees.

The Westin

Location: The Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto 2F Tea Lounge [Mayfair]
Period / December 1, 2023 (Friday) - December 25, 2023 (Monday)
Hours: 11:30-, 12:00-, 14:00-, 14:30-, 15:00-, 15:30- (2 hours each)
Price / Christmas Afternoon Tea: 6,500 yen per person (including tax and service charge)
Reservations/reservations are better

The Westin Miyako Kyoto

10.Afternoon Tea at THE THOUSAND KYOTO - Ahead of the Christmas Season

This afternoon tea was inspired by the image of Santa Claus preparing presents for Christmas. First, you will be greeted with a welcome dessert, "Dreaming Santa Claus. Enjoy it with a welcome drink of "Non-alcohol sparkling wine rosé. On the tea stand, there are 7 kinds of sweets with motifs of familiar Christmas items, 3 kinds of savories such as roasted chicken with honey collected from the hotel's urban beekeeping project, and 2 kinds of scones, which can be enjoyed with a free-flow drink. Enjoy this cute limited-time afternoon tea that will bring the Christmas season to life.

The Thousand Tokyo

Period / November 23, 2023 (Thursday, holiday) - December 25, 2023 (Monday)
Time: 3 shifts (2 hours each): 11:30~, 15:00~, 18:30~
Price/Christmas Afternoon Tea ~Santa Claus is getting ready~ 6500 yen per person (including tax)
Reservation / Reservation required at least 2 days in advance

The Thousand Kyoto

11.Afternoon tea expressing a masquerade party [ART MON ZEN KYOTO]

The Red Masquerade Afternoon Tea, which represents a masquerade ball in red, is now available in a more glamorous outfit for the Christmas period only. Sparkling wine will be served as an aperitif, and beautiful sweets and savories representing noble ladies' dresses and jewelry will line the stands. In addition to sparkling wine, guests can enjoy a free flow of 29 drinks, including hot wine and hot apple cider as seasonal specials. Enjoy a gorgeous and elegant tea time with petals dancing in the air.


Period / Friday, December 8 - Sunday, December 10, Friday, December 15 - Monday, December 18, Friday, December 22 - Monday, December 25, 2023
Time / 12:00 -, 12:30 -, 15:00 -, 15:30 -
Available time / 2 hours, free flow 30 min. before last order
Price/Red Masquerade Afternoon Tea Christmas Assortment (with free-flow sparkling wine) 6,700 yen per person (including tax), special price 6,500 yen (including tax) for reservations made through the website or by phone.
Reservation / Reservation required by 11:00 the day before


  • R Mon Zen Kyoto
  • 391 Higashiiri Motomachi, Furumonzen-dori Yamatooji, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 3 minutes on foot from Keihan "Sanjo"
  • Tel.075-551-0009
  • https://www.amz-kyoto.jp/

12.Afternoon tea in a box at Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto

Nine savory dishes and seven sweets with Christmas wreath motifs are available. The afternoon tea set includes a Santa Claus strawberry sweet and a white chocolate mousse made to look like a reindeer's face, which can be enjoyed only at Christmas as ornaments. As a special Christmas version, you can also taste a Christmas tree ice cream cake with strawberry sorbet on top of chocolate ice milk and pistachio cream. Take your time and enjoy an elegant time at the hotel.

Rihga Royal

Location: RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto Lounge 1F [Inside All Day Dining Kaza]
Period / December 1, 2023 (Friday) - December 25, 2023 (Monday)
Time / 10:00-17:00 (LO)
Price / Christmas Afternoon Tea Set: 5,082 yen per person (including tax, 2 hours with free drink within the designated 2-hour period)
Reservations/Reservations are better (limited to 10 meals a day)

Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto

13.Glamorous afternoon tea with a circus theme [Fauchon Hotel Kyoto]

This year again, the Salon de la Fauchon was selected by the Japan Tea Association as one of its "Delicious Tea Shops". This year's Christmas Afternoon Tea served at the hotel's tea salon is based on the theme of a circus, just as at Fauchon Paris in France, and features a variety of gorgeous and delicious dishes. Strawberries will be used as the main ingredient, and dishes using strawberries will appear not only in sweets but also in savory dishes. The sweets and savories are presented on special glass stands and are beautiful from all angles, as if you were watching a circus taking place around a Christmas tree. Enjoy an exciting afternoon tea time with a cup of Fauchon tea.


Separate stand if used by one person.

Location: Fauchon Hotel Kyoto 2F [Salon de Te Fauchon]
Period / December 1, 2023 (Friday) - December 25, 2023 (Monday)
Time: 11:00~, 14:00~ (2 hours each)
Also held from 5:00 p.m. on Fridays through Sundays and holidays only.
Price / Christmas Afternoon Tea 7,000 yen per person on weekdays, 7,500 yen per person on Saturdays and Sundays (incl. service charge)
Reservation/reservation required via web or phone

Fauchon Hotel Kyoto

14.Afternoon tea set as lively as a Christmas party [The Prince Kyoto Takaragaike]

Sweets include a strawberry parfait with sparkling wine jellé and a shortcake-like strawberry parfait, a fir tree tart filled with pistachio cream, a tea and apple crème brûlée, and a chocolate cream puff with a reindeer motif. The holly motif is decorated with a canele-shaped cassata-style mousse, and the savory menu includes a roasted chicken brioche sandwich and other Christmas-inspired treats. Note the smoked salmon wrapped in senmaizuke pickles and hojicha stollen, both of which incorporate Japanese ingredients. Enjoy the afternoon tea set with bright Christmas colors that will make you feel as if a Christmas party is unfolding on your plate.

Houga Ike

Venue: The Prince Kyoto Takaragaike 1F [Lobby Lounge Water Sound]
Period / December 1, 2023 (Friday) - December 25, 2023 (Monday)
Time/Enter from 12:00 to 16:00 (2 hour system, free flow LO/30 minutes before)
Price / Christmas Afternoon Tea Set: 4,600 yen per person (not including tax)
Reservation / Reservation required by 15:00 the day before

The Prince Kyoto Takaragaike

  • The Prince Kyoto Takara Gaike
  • Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, Sakyo Ward, Takaragaike, Iwakura Hataecho 1092-2
  • Approximately 7 minutes walk from Kokusai Kaikan Subway Station
  • Tel.075-712-1144 (Reservation reception hours/10:00-17:30)
  • Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays (open on holidays)
  • https://www.princehotels.co.jp/kyoto/plan/mizunone/afternoonteaset_12/

15.[Collaboration of Japanese cuisine and Japanese and Western sweets for afternoon tea at Hotel Granvia Kyoto

Afternoon tea, a fusion of Japanese and Western sweets and Japanese cuisine such as Temari Sushi with Kyoto-style pickles and Japanese pinchos, is now available for the Christmas period only, with a cake in the shape of a tree and decorated Christmas sweets. The menu also includes Japanese sweets such as anmitsu (sweet bean paste), which can only be found at a Japanese restaurant. The chef will be serving seasonal appetizers and Japanese dishes that are hearty enough for a light lunch, such as a reverse bowl of rice topped with beef.

Granvia Kyoto

Location: Hotel Granvia Kyoto M3F Japanese food [Ukihashi]
Period / Friday, December 1, 2023 - Monday, December 25, 2023
Time/13:00-14:00 Last entry (use time/2 hours)
Price/Christmas Limited Afternoon Tea "Waka" 5,000 yen per person (including tax), 7,000 yen per person (including tax) with a glass of champagne
Reservation: Reservation required by 20:00 two days in advance (limited quantity)

Hotel Granvia Kyoto

16.Enjoy sweets from Pierre Hermé Paris [The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto]

The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto is the only hotel in western Japan to offer afternoon tea featuring sweets from Pierre Hermé Paris. Desserts include Ispahan, Mont Blanc, and cheesecake at the tea stand. Five different savory dishes, including eel and red snow crab, are also available. The fusion of Japanese and Western influences is an important element of The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, and is expressed not only in the hotel's interior but also in the afternoon tea menu. Enjoy afternoon tea with a beautiful view outside the window, which is only possible at this time of the year.

ritz carlton

Location: The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto 1F [The Lobby Lounge]
Period / Wednesday, November 29, 2023 - Tuesday, December 19, 2023
Hours: 12:00-, 12:30-, 15:00-, 15:30- (2 hours each)
Price / The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto Afternoon Tea 7,211 yen per person (including tax and service charge)
Reservation/reservation required via web or phone

The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto

  • The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto
  • Kamogawa Nijo Ohashi Bridge, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 3-minute walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Subway Station
    Keihan "Sanjo Station" 6 minutes on foot
  • Tel.075-746-5522 (Direct restaurant reservation)
  • https://thelobbylounge.ritzcarltonkyoto.com/
*Please note that the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
*Since this site uses automatic translation, the translation may differ from the original Japanese content.

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