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Granvia Hotel Kyoto

Autumn taste dinner buffet will be held at [Hotel Granvia Kyoto]!

Until November 30, 2023 (Thursday), an autumn flavor dinner buffet will be held at Hotel Granvia Kyoto's 2nd floor cafe restaurant, Le Temps, to commemorate the hotel's 26th anniversary. The mushroom-themed buffet menu includes a variety of matsutake mushrooms, Daikoku Shimeji mushrooms, Hanabira mushrooms, Kuzuryu maitake mushrooms, and more, and there is also a teppanyaki grilled version of beef and Daikoku shimeji mushrooms grilled right in front of your eyes. attention. In addition, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat Omi beef sukiyaki (matsutake mushroom and truffle flavor), which is a combination of the autumn flavors of matsutake mushrooms and truffles, and served with a melty egg. Don't miss out on the limited menu available only during this period.

Period: September 1, 2023 (Friday) to November 30, 2023 (Thursday)
Location/Hotel Granvia Kyoto 2F Cafe Restaurant [Le Temps]
Time/17:30-21:00 (Last entry/19:30) *90 minute system
Price: 6,900 yen (no pairing drink) *Weekdays only
8500 yen (includes pairing drink)
Elementary school students: 5,000 yen, 3 years old and older - less than elementary school students: 3,000 yen
*With pairing drinks, you can also drink alcoholic drinks such as wine and sake that appear in the buffet corner.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto

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