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Beloved in Kyoto [Yakiniku Hayashi] Yakiniku / Hormone Red and White Mazeyaki started EC exclusive sales at [Leaf KYOTO mall]

Yakiniku restaurant [Yakiniku Hayashi]'s yakiniku and offal red and white mixed grill was sold out in 6 days after the start of support at Makuake, a crowdfunding support purchase service that was held before general sales. The support target amount of 10,131 TP3T was achieved, and it was well received by the supporters who purchased it. [Yakiniku Hayashi] and the local publisher Leaf teamed up to sell the Mazeyaki, the true value of Kyoto's B-class gourmet, to yakiniku and offal lovers all over the country, and sales on the EC site were realized.

1.[Yakiniku Hayashi] Yakiniku / offal red and white mixed grill

Yakiniku Hayashi Yakiniku/Offal Red and White Mixed Grill

Fluffy hormone soaked in thick sauce

Yakiniku Hayashi, a yakiniku restaurant that has been loved for over 50 years since it was founded in Kyoto, is famous for its mazeyaki. A well-balanced mixture of red meat and hormones, marinated in a special sweet and spicy sauce, attracts many people, and many businessmen come to power charge in search of this taste. It goes well with beer and rice, and is a rich and addictive yakiniku.

2.The addictive secret is the special sauce made with miso that hasn't changed since ancient times

Yakiniku Hayashi

The yakiniku, which is soaked in a thick sauce that does not require dipping sauce, has many fans, so much so that colleagues in the same industry often go there incognito. The decisive factor for its addictive taste is the miso that has been ordered from Kyoto City Central Market for more than 50 years since [Hayashi] was founded in Kujo. Mr. Hayashi, the owner of the shop, examines the condition of the miso with his skillful eyes, and mixes the highly viscous part with offal and the smooth part with lean meat. This meticulous and meticulous work creates the deliciousness of the meat that is soaked in the rich sauce. Bake it all at once over high heat and enjoy it with beer and rice.

3.Mazeyaki can be purchased online only at [Leaf KYOTO mall]

Leaf KYOTO mall

This taste, which could only be eaten at restaurants or by phone order takeout, was decided to be sold on EC in the hope that more people would like to eat it. Only [Leaf KYOTO mall] can be purchased. Check it out.

[Yakiniku Hayashi] x Leaf Yakiniku / Offal Red and White Mazeyaki 600g (inner sauce 100g) x 2 bags set
11190 yen
[Yakiniku Hayashi] x Leaf Yakiniku/Hormone Red & White Mixed Grilled 600g (including 100g sauce) x 1 bag
6195 yen

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