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2023.8.4 PR
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Kyoto Denim Shizuku Denim Bag

Right next to Kyoto Station! [Kyoto Denim] has reopened as a hand-painted Yuzen-dyed denim bag specialty store.

[Kyoto Denim] is a 5-minute walk east from Kyoto Station. Started in 2007 with the training of hand-painted Yuzen dyeing craftsmen, and handling apparel with Kyo Yuzen dyeing, it was reborn as a hand-painted Yuzen dyed denim bag specialty store in 2023.
The store is lined with attractive products that captivate domestic and international fans, such as drop-shaped bags, purses for storing amulets, and sustainable stuffed animals called “Deniguma.” Yo.
The world is now paying attention to the sustainable brand [Kyoto Denim], which proposes products that are close to modern lifestyles while inheriting the beautiful and delicate traditional craftsmanship.

1."Shizuku Denim Bag" that attracts the eyes of people on the street

Kyoto Denim Shizuku Denim Bag

It opens and closes like a purse, so you can put more things in it than it looks, and you can use it 2 ways with the handle and the attached shoulder. "Shizuku Denim Bag" that combines beauty and convenience from 29,700 yen

A unique denim bag designed with the image of water droplets. The hand-painted Yuzen patterns are all hand-made by craftsmen. Expressing beauty with delicate Japanese handicrafts that cannot be done in mass production. Just like a work of art, each item is unique, so try to find your favorite.

2.A cute “Deniguma” that you always want to keep by your side

Kyoto Denim Deniguma

"Deniguma", which is delicately made so that you can move your hands and feet, starts at 4,400 yen. Cuteness that makes you want to attach it to your bag accessory and take it with you

"Deniguma" is a sustainable plush toy that was created to fully use the scraps generated during product production. It is sewn by hand by craftsmen, and you can enjoy the sensibility unique to handmade with slightly different facial expressions and patterns. In addition, [Kyoto Denim] is also focusing on SDGs activities such as collecting jeans that are no longer used.

3.Gamaguchi amulet carrying the feelings of Kyoto

Kyoto denim lucky charm case

Amulets start at 4,950 yen each. All caps and production are made in Japan

Amulets were born to hold amulets and important things without letting go of your skin. Since the string part is movable and the length can be changed, it is also possible to insert an IC card and touch it as it is. Perfect for storing important items that tend to be lost, such as accessories, keys, and Bluetooth earphones. It is a popular item among foreigners as it allows them to casually enjoy traditional crafts.

4.Pattern case is an idea of life that goes with things for a long time

Kyoto denim pattern case

A pattern case that allows you to enjoy your beloved denim for a longer time. The delivery date is about 2 weeks from the order, and the budget is from 16,500 yen.

Custom orders to dye your own denim items with your favorite pattern are also popular. By adding a pattern, you will become more attached to it and want to continue using it for a long time. Patterning is a new era option that incorporates traditional craftsmanship into life. Challenge yourself with your favorite items such as denim bags, jeans and denim jackets that you want to wear for years to come.

5.A gallery-like space with exciting encounters

Kyoto Denim Appearance

A directly managed store in the east area of Kyoto Station, which is booming as a cultural and artistic area. Excellent access from Kyoto Station

Located in the east area of Kyoto Station, which is booming with the relocation of Kyoto City University of Arts, it is popular not only with locals but also with tourists. Many people visit here to pick out Kyoto-like souvenirs and gifts. In a calm gallery-like atmosphere, you might be able to come across items that will make your heart flutter while reaffirming the appeal of Kyoto craftsmanship.

Kyoto denim

  • Kyoto Denim
  • 79-3 Takakura Shiokoji Koinaricho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 5 minute walk from JR Kyoto Station
  • Tel.075-352-1053
  • 9:00-19:00
  • Irregular holidays
  • No parking
  • https://kyoto-denim.com/
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