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Mkyotomal June hot selling

June best-selling ranking - Order gourmet food from famous stores - [Leaf KYOTO mall] Introducing the top 5 popular products -

Kyoto's beloved gourmet that you should try at least once.
Leaf's carefully selected Kyoto gourmet ordering site [Leaf KYOTO mall] Introducing the top 5 popular items for June. This new product ranks proudly among the popular products that are regularly ranked. Summer has arrived for our best-selling products. Check it out!

1.1st place: Chewy cold noodles that you want to eat all year round are popular even in summer [Misonobashi Sakai] Grilled pork cold noodles

A synonym for cold noodles that you want to eat all year round. Once you try the cold noodles at [Misonobashi Sakai], you will be hooked. The specialty, grilled pork cold noodles, features juicy grilled pork as the star, and the special sauce goes perfectly with the chewy, thick noodles jointly developed with a noodle manufacturer. The flavor of the crunchy cucumber and chopped seaweed combine to make this a dish that you will enjoy eating with chopsticks. Try our famous cold noodles that will make you want to eat them again and again.

Misonohashi Sakai Grilled Pork Cold Noodles

Misonohashi Sakai Grilled Pork Cold Noodles

2.2nd place: You can't stop the excitement the moment you open the can [TREEE'S KYOTO] Botanical cookie can

There are many repeat customers at [Leaf KYOTO mall], and [TREEE'S KYOTO]'s botanical cookie cans are still on the list in June. Gluten-free cookies made with 100% rice flour have a crispy texture that melts easily, and are made with single-origin Uji matcha, tencha, hojicha, and brown rice selected by SIN, a pastry chef with a top wine qualification and sommelier excellence. They use a variety of teas, including black tea, and are captivated by their unique flavors, cute shapes, and bright colors.

TREEE'S KYOTO Botanical Cookie

TREEE'S KYOTO Botanical Cookie Can - Leaf Limited Special - Tea Leaf Set

3.3rd Place: Slowly Baked Creamy Flavor [Papa John's] x Leaf Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich

Papa John's is a New York cheesecake specialty store that has been loved in Kyoto for about 30 years. In collaboration with Leaf, the original New York cheesecake has been updated for summer. This is a frozen creamy cheesecake sandwiched between special graham crackers, and is becoming popular as a cool and rich cheese sweet that you can enjoy anywhere with just one hand. It was newly introduced in June and has already entered the ranking.

Papa John's Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich

Papa John's x Leaf Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich

4.4th place: Long run popular! Italian restaurant [Ristorante Nakamoto] Kizugawa green onion salt ramen

The ramen of [Ristorante Nakamoto], which is constantly receiving orders for reservations after the TV broadcast, is characterized by its rich soup made with chicken bones made from fresh chicken and added with Udon dashi from [Nakamoto Shokudo]. The fragrant and delicious green onion oil and green onion paste mixed with yuzu pepper are combined with the thin noodles that go down smoothly, creating a blissful harmony. The special soft pork belly char siu topping is also excellent, so be sure to try the authentic taste once.
*The quantity is limited and will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis, so you may have to wait until it arrives.

Ristorante Nakamoto Green onion salt ramen

Ristorante Nakamoto Kizugawa green onion salt ramen with 4 pieces

5.5th place: Camper purveyor! Versatile Chinese seasonings for restaurant flavor Seasonings Yuimi WEY-WEY

WEY-WEY is a Chinese seasoning that was created under the supervision of the seasoning of Kyoto's popular Chinese restaurant [Kibosa Sumiyoshi], which was also featured in the Michelin Guide 2020 Kyoto/Osaka. Created through a collaboration between the YouTube drama "Oyaji Camp Meal" and the Kyoto gourmet magazine Leaf, this home-cooked meal is a perfect blend of fermented foods such as tofu, bean sauce, oyster sauce, garlic, soy sauce, and sugar. There is no doubt that it will improve your level. Also popular with camping influencers. You can easily decide on the flavor with just this one, and it is popular as a must-have item for camping meals.
*WEYWEY has been discontinued. Thank you for your long patronage.

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