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Kyoko Kobayashi's soybean dishes with gorgeous colors and cute designs are sure to soothe your heart.

Mame-dare (bean dishes) are popular as supporting dishes that enhance the appearance of dishes. Introduced here is a cute bean dish depicting a chubby angel surrounded by flowers and fresh lemons cut into various shapes. The artist is Ms. Kyoko Kobayashi, who studied at Kyoto Seika University and training school. She studied ceramics at Kyoto Seika University and training school, and after graduation worked as a painter at a kyoyaki pottery for 16 years, and has been making pottery in Kyoto since becoming independent in 2019. Pick up a bean dish that draws you in with the combination of traditional Kyoyaki's gorgeous colors and playful, cute patterns!

1.Patterns and shapes that are fun to coordinate with your dining table

Because they are small, bold patterns and shapes can accentuate the table and add a splash of color. Just by placing a small portion of pickles, side dishes, or other usual side dishes on Ms. Kobayashi's soy dish, the dish looks gorgeous and lifts one's spirits!


2.Serve with snacks or fruit for a wonderful treat!

Cute bean plates are also very useful for guests. They look cute when served with rice balls or fruit, and just by placing cookies on them, you can give them a special touch, making them very useful in a variety of situations. The humorous designs that come out when you eat them are sure to spark conversation!


3.Designed to match Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

There are three bean dish patterns in total. Although the motifs on all of them are Western-style, the charm of Kobayashi's plates is that they somehow fit perfectly with Chinese and Japanese food. The angel and flower soy dish can be used as a plate for yakisoba or a sauce container for gyoza (Chinese dumplings), and the floral motifs around the plate are perfect for Chinese dishes.


On top of Ms. Kobayashi's bean dish was a sumptuous dish of Kyoto bamboo shoots, which is available at M Kyoto mall, a gourmet website for ordering Kyoto delicacies.Asamo field takawani yuuki Asabori kyoto bamboo shoots yakitoriand handmade with carefully selected ingredients without the use of additives [andTsunokichi rice accompaniment set]. Check it out as well.

4.A mother's strong ally that makes even the busiest day an enjoyable dining table.

Because these plates are for hobbyists, we want to choose dishes that are adventurous and fun to collect. Kobayashi's humorous bean-plateware responds to this desire, adding color and playfulness to your daily mealtime. When you don't have a lot of side dishes to make, that's when bean dishes come in handy! Just put a side dish you bought at the store on it, or put some pickled plums or dried seaweed that you keep on hand at home on it. They are sure to become a mother's strong ally, supporting an enjoyable dining table even on busy days.


Kyoko Kobayashi's soothing bean dish

M KYOTO Kyoto General store for daily life Hand

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