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2022.3.10 PR
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Rakuhoku Pan Marche vol.5 & Rakuhoku Coffee Selection

A must-see for bread & coffee lovers! [Rakuhoku Bread Marche vol.5" & "Rakuhoku Coffee Selection" will be held simultaneously at Rakuhoku Hankyu Square from March 19!

Rakuhoku Bread Marché vol. 5" & "Rakuhoku Coffee Selection" will be held at Rakuhoku Hankyu Square, a shopping center in Rakuhoku, Kyoto, for nine days from March 19 (Sat) to 27 (Sun), 2022.

This year's Pan Marche, the fifth in the series, features a lineup of delicatessen breads made with luxurious ingredients, as well as each store's signature bean-jam buns, cream buns, and more! There will also be special breads only available at Rakuhoku Hankyu Square.
In the coffee selection, which will be held for the first time this year, popular coffee shops in Kyoto will make daily appearances. Enjoy a relaxing moment in a spacious space with a cup of coffee in your hand.

Rakuhoku Pan Marche vol.5 & Rakuhoku Coffee Selection

Pan Chire / Bread Tsukune / Cafe to Pan do / Bread House Bamboo / Koharubiyori / Gebecken / Boulangerie Opera / Muku, the Wheat Shop / Hana Zeru / Pan Shop LeuCocoRyune / Pan Plus CONECT / LAPAN / COTO'S Bakery Pochette / Bakery Taiyo / Pannery / Petit Chambord / hinami / Boulangerie Cherish / PAUL / Victoire / The City Bakery / Tartine and Coffee Hanna / Bakery Kasuga / Boulangerie Recorto / Hayashi Bread Store / Dia Bread / Cuervo Sal d'Abre / Sorpresa Kyoto Pizza

Manaia Coffee & Things / Coffee Roast YUI / Rafter / Iolite Coffee Roasters / Umi no Mukou Coffee / Yellow Coffee Roasters / Home Roasted Coffee Bean Shop Ritorubarei

Each store has a different opening date, so please check the Rakuhoku Hankyu Square website for details.

RakuHoku Bread Marche vol.5" & "RakuHoku Coffee Selection

  • Rakuhoku Hankyu Square
    March 19 (Sat.) - 27 (Sun.), 2022, 10:00 - 18:00
    Bakery / B1F Center Square
    Coffee/Special space next to the information desk on 1F
    36 Takano Nishikaike-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 5 min. walk from bus stop "Takanobashi Higashizume".
    9-minute walk from Chayama Station on the Eiden Line

  • Tel.075-707-0700
  • Parking available
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