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glamp element appearance

Glamping facilities in Yonehara [GLAMP ELEMENT] Luxury time

[GLAMP ELEMENT (Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture) is a glamping facility that opened as a place where visitors can experience firsthand the four elements that shape the world: fire, wind, water, and earth. The villas and cabins built around a pond are spaced widely apart, allowing guests to spend private time without worrying about their surroundings.

glamp-emlent appearance

The all-inclusive system allows guests to enjoy their stay without worrying about fees, and there are no additional charges for activities, drinks, or services, including sports such as canoeing and putting golf. You can fully enjoy the experience that suits your mood of the day without any worries.

Grand Element Interior

The dinner served on the deck of each room is designed to be enjoyed with all five senses, including taste, aroma, and colorful appearance. To take full advantage of the flavors of ingredients that change with the seasons, the concierge puts the finishing touches on the meal right in front of you, creating a live dining experience that is sure to appeal. The restaurant's colorful dishes such as grilled tomato carpaccio, marinated octopus and orange salad, and firefly squid paella will captivate your heart.

glampelement cuisine

The facility includes a bar that serves over 120 drinks in three spaces (relaxing, casual, and counter space), which is also included in the all-inclusive package. The bar is also included in the all-inclusive package. Enjoy the drinks carefully selected and produced by Denshiro Fukunaga Shoten, a long-established sake store that has been in business for 300 years.



  • Grand Element
  • 60-1 Ikeshita, Maibara-shi, Shiga
  • 5 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR Omi Nagaoka Station
    20 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR "Maibara Station
  • Tel. 0749-55-3755
  • Check-in / 15:00~.
    Check-out / ~11:00
  • Irregular holidays
  • Room rate for one person: 19,900 yen and up (based on four persons sharing a room)
  • All seats non-smoking Fully private room available 113 parking spaces
  • https://glamp-element.jp/
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