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Appearance of Ikeda Farm

Found in Higashiomi, Shiga! The delicious taste of milk made into sweets [Ikeda Farm]

A 15-minute drive from the Meishin "Yokaichi IC" is Ikeda Farm, which has been producing products using milk from its own dairy farm for 26 years with the aim of "bringing producers and consumers closer together. The store, located in a lush green forest, sells milk, pudding, and other products.

Inside Ikeda Ranch

Of the 20 or so types of gelato on the lineup, milk is our top choice. The richness of the milk itself can be felt while the refreshing sweetness leaves you with a clean aftertaste. In addition to the standard items such as matcha (green tea) made from Asamiya green tea and kinako (black soybean kinako) with its aroma of kinako (soybean flour), you can also enjoy the flavors that appear seasonally. All of the products are made from milk, which accounts for more than 75% of the total, and are of a taste and quality that can only be found at a dairy farm.

Gelato from Ikeda Farm

About 20 varieties are always available, including milk made with plenty of freshly squeezed milk and matcha made with the finest Asamiya tea. Gelato mini cup 375 yen each

Ikeda Farm's Jersey Pudding

Jersey milk pudding made with milk from Jersey cows with rich milk quality. The moderately bitter caramel and high-quality milk give it a light taste. Jersey milk pudding 270 yen

The Chocolat Balm mini, a chocolate-filled baumkuchen with a ganache filling in the center, and the Taneya Raisin Sandwich, a crispy sable filled with white miso paste mixed with rum-soaked raisins, are limited items available only at the store.

Ikeda Farm

  • Ikebana ranch
  • 1572-2, Wanan-cho, Higashiomi-shi, Shiga
  • 15 minutes drive from Meishin "Yokaichi IC".
  • Tel. 0748-27-1600 (direct line to the farm)
  • 10:00-17:00
    (until 18:00 from April to September)
  • Closed on Wednesdays, other irregular holidays
  • Eat-in allowed
  • 50 parking spaces
  • https://www.instagram.com/ikeboku/
  • PHOTO/Takahiro Takami, TEXT/Tomomi Uryu
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