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Ninjutsu Monaka at Confectioner Noda Main Store

[Kashicho Noda Main Store] in Shiga and Koka offers both Japanese and Western sweets

Since its establishment in 1873, this long-established shop has been making sweets related to Koga for more than 140 years.

Exterior view of the Noda Head Office of the Chief Confectioner

Among the "ninja" and "ninjutsu" themed wagashi, many locals buy monaka filled with homemade tsubu-an (sweet bean paste) as souvenirs to take back to other prefectures.

Ninjutsu Monaka at Confectioner Noda Main Store

Ninjutsu monaka is 216 yen per bottle. In addition to Ninjutsu Monaka, which is easy to eat and has a long, narrow shape filled with red bean paste made with red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, there is also the Kunoichi Monaka, which is square and filling.

Unique products include a ninjutsu monaka that looks like a long, thin scroll, a noichi monaka with a female ninja on the seed of the monaka, and a Koga-style monaka that you fill with red bean paste.

Smooth pudding from the Noda Head Store

Smooth pudding, 194 yen per piece. This popular product was created in collaboration with students from the local Konan High School. Eggs raised by the students are used in the pursuit of smoothness that is just barely scoopable.

Since 2007, the company has also started to produce Western-style confectionery to meet the needs of the times. In addition to cheesecakes and puddings made with eggs raised by the local Konan High School and fresh milk from Koka, the company also produces birthday cakes for children.

Inside the Confectioner's Head Store in Noda

Confectioner Noda Main Store

  • Kashicho Noda Honten
  • 594-4 Noda, Konan-cho, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture
  • 12 minute walk from JR Konan Station
  • Tel.0748-86-0001
  • 9:00-17:00
  • 7 days a week
  • 20 parking lots
  • http://www.kashicho.com/
  • Eat-in not allowed
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