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The owner of uraiso, a hard-to-find restaurant in Kyoto, explains the secret story behind its opening! Why did a popular restaurant create a hideout?

March 08, 2023 open

The restaurant is a hideaway, with no phone number or address available to the public. After clearing the reservation site's gimmick, you arrive at the restaurant marked by a red lamp glowing in the dark, and open the door marked with the logo. This is the newest branch of the Gojuke Group, which owns its own farm and operates popular restaurants in Kyoto City.


Goro Yano, the owner, became a chef at a Japanese restaurant at the age of 20 and joined Gojyousei Corporation in 2017. [After working as the manager of Gojyusei, he went on to open a new restaurant.

The Gojyu Family Group is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and thanks to your support, some of our restaurants have become very popular. We decided to create a restaurant that is rooted in the community so that the locals can enjoy it even more," said Mr. Yano, the owner of the restaurant. Mr. Yano, the owner, told us the reason for opening the restaurant. The restaurant, with a 14-seat counter, is "more than an izakaya and less than a kappo.


All dishes are examples of the 8,000 yen course. Joyo figs in pistachio sauce with a rich sauce emphasizes the flavor of figs.


Autumn eggplant marinated in spicy soy sauce plays the role of seasoning.


The menu consists of 18 dishes, starting with a vegetable soup called "veggie broth," followed by sashimi, sukiyaki, rice cooked in an earthenware pot, vegetable curry, and dessert. The menu includes all-you-can-drink beer, shochu, highballs, and other alcoholic beverages for 8,000 yen, making it a very economical option. Wine and sake are available for an additional charge.


Watercress and Yamato Beef Sirloin Sukiyaki Style. Sirloin steak quickly cooked with sugar and soy sauce, wrapped with watercress. The watercress accentuates the flavor of the meat.


Charcoal-grilled arugula and barracuda. Fresh arugula grown in Oharano adds a refreshing flavor to the fatty barracuda. Squeeze a pinch of sudachi (Japanese citrus fruit) over the top.

Vegetables are not a side dish, but the main course. I create dishes every day that combine fish and meat to take advantage of the characteristics and taste of vegetables. Recently, I have been using micro vegetables as an accent," says Yano. says Mr. Yano. The friendly atmosphere among the staff is another charm of this restaurant. Reservations can be made through Instagram. Visit for a little treat.



  • uraiso (edible plant, Allium uraiso)
  • March 08, 2023 open
  • address not disclosed
  • Tel: None
  • Two sessions from 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
  • Closed on Wednesdays and 2nd Tuesday
  • All seats non-smoking No private room No parking
  • https://www.instagram.com/uraiso.kyoto/
  • PHOTO / Taka Natsumi, TEXT / Yuhiko Hirose
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