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Common Well

A cafe where you can feel the breeze of Melbourne [Common Well]

On the first floor of the hotel, you can enjoy a casual lunch in the style of Melbourne, the holy land of cafes. You can customize your coffee with beans, type of milk, temperature, amount of foam, etc., and we recommend that you let the barista know your preferences and mood. The menu features a variety of Australian favorites such as burgers, salad bowls, and vegan dishes. There is also terrace seating with beautiful plants, making it an attractive place for casual dining even though it is located in a hotel.

Common Well

(From right to left) Smashed avocado with plenty of avocado, mixed nuts, and spice accents on campagne, 1,150 yen. Salad bowl with crispy tofu, 12 kinds of vegetables, fruits and grains ¥1,350.


Australia is known for this combination. Cheeseburger Set 1,400 yen; burger is topped with rich cheddar cheese. Flat white with smooth milk 550 yen.

Common Well

  • Common Well
  • Hotel Rings Kyoto 1F, 393 Kouyacho, Rokkaku-garu, Sakai-machi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 7 minutes walk from Subway Karasuma Oike Station
  • Tel.075-746-3087
  • Morning 7:00-11:30 (LO/10:30)
    Lunch 11:30-15:00 (LO/14:30)
    Dinner 18:00-22:00 (LO/21:30)
  • 7 days a week
  • All seats non-smoking No private room No parking
  • https://hotel-rings.com/cafe/
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