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Oden at Yatai Inaba

Savor the oden inherited from the previous generation at [Yatai Inaba], which has been revived in Karasuma

November 19, 2021 open

Friday evening after finishing work for the week and heading to the weekend. The expressions on the faces of people walking through vinyl curtains may be the brightest of the week. For about 60 years from 1956, there was a food stall in front of Inaba Yakushi where adults could relax.

The appearance of the food stall Inaba

Inaba-san, who continued to stand behind the counter, passed away in 2018, and temporarily closed. After that, the regulars continued to complain, "It's a shame that such a good store is gone," and the son repaired the stalls little by little. It will be revived in 2021 and continues to operate only on Fridays and Saturdays with his wife.

Fried bean curd and momo at Yatai Inaba

New menu after revival. They fry it after you order it, so it's piping hot! The crispy batter and soy sauce-based taste invites sake.

Daikon radish, konnyaku, deep-fried tofu... and oden are written on wooden tags, and there is a picture of my father always smiling. "It seemed like I was chatting with the regulars. I really liked this stall, and when it was late, I would stay there until around 3:00 a.m., and sometimes sleep over there. I think this place was like another home. '' says the son.

Interior view of Yatai Inaba

Mr. Inaba, the owner of the shop, relied on the taste of the oden that his father brought home when he was a child. Revived the famous oden.

The couple, who are new to the restaurant business, were worried about what would happen before the revival. The office workers, the bar lovers, the young women who came to see the SNS all happily peck at the oden. On the other side of the curtain, human feelings that have not changed since the Showa era are still alive.

Wooden tag of Yatai Inaba

Yatai Inaba

  • Bad Inaba
  • November 19, 2021 open
  • Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Shimogyo Ward Karasuma-dori Matsubara Agaru Inabado 728
  • 7 minute walk from Hankyu Karasuma Station

  • Friday 18:00-22:00
    Saturday 17:00-22:00
  • Only open on Fridays and Saturdays
  • All seats non-smoking No private room No parking
  • https://www.instagram.com/yatai_inaba/
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