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~ Arashiyama ~ Kyoto's hot spot you want to visit now vol.3

Arashiyama, with its remarkable development of new spots and new specialties, is best visited in the morning when it is relatively empty. The bamboo grove bathed in the morning sun makes for a pleasant start to the day.

Release your mind between the narrow space of the bamboo grove that stretches high into the sky

1.Entertainment burgers to lift your spirits [UPIT'S BURGER]

Specialty burger, lava de cheese burger plate with natural and cheddar cheese layers flowing boldly 1680 yen (tax included). The finishing flame maxes out the tension!

UPIT'S BURGER Lava de cheeseburger plate


2.Discover the charm of Arashiyama from a Japanese-style house! [Snow Peak LAND STATION KYOTO ARASHIYAMA]

In addition to the hot dogs available at the café space for 800 yen (tax included), there are many other unique Kyoto touches such as kimono rentals in collaboration with kimono specialty store Yamato, and the "Snow Peak GO" experience plan (4,400 yen/person/walk, 8,800 yen/person/bicycle) that allows visitors to enjoy a petit outdoorsy atmosphere. (from 4,400 yen for 2 persons on foot, from 8,800 yen for 2 persons by bicycle).


3.Kyo Yakumi (Kyoto-style condiments) proposed by a master chef

The homemade shichimi (seven spices) invented by Kayoko Kamisha, a Yakumi Meister, is a big hit. We recommend using different shichimi for different dishes, such as the yuzu (yuzu) flavor for warm sake lees soup (756 yen) or the Kiyomi orange shichimi for light yudofu (tofu) (756 yen).

place where the hair is tied up in a bundle on the back of the head (resembling the shape of a temple)

4.[The secret to the delicious taste of Nakamuraya's delicatessen is beef.

The beef cutlet sandwich (1,200 yen, tax included) from Nakamuraya Sohonten, a butcher store famous for its fresh croquettes, uses beef from Kyoto, and the use of luxurious ingredients typical of a butcher store is very satisfying.

Nakamuraya Delicatessen Factory

5.The key to deliciousness is "slow and careful" [Ari Cafe Saga Roasting Shop]

The shop roasts a small amount of carefully selected coffee beans and serves 12 types of coffee using a French press. The curry with fried vegetables (800 yen), which goes well with coffee, is also popular.

Ari Cefe Saga Roastery

Ari Cafe Saga Roasting Shop

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