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[Oyaji Camp Meal Vol.12] Oyaji Camp Meal Complete!

LeafMix candidate and outdoor novice Ryota Ueno takes on the challenge of a camping project!
Finally! I have completed my father's camp food!

Chinese-style fried rice
egg soup
dessert of powdered and jellied apricot kernels with fruit
twice cooked pork (Szechuan dish)
chinese dumpling
Sardine baked instead of ayu fish baked
Seafood Cup Noodle

This is a classic menu item served at Chinese restaurants, but when made at a camp, it has a different taste.

This time, I prepared the same sauce I put in the seafood noodle as in the drama!
Some of you may have noticed.

The yellow labeled one (beef sauce) is not available in Kansai, so I ordered it from Yokohama this time (laughs).
Other tare are available at Chinese product stores in the Kansai region.
It has a strong flavor and richness, and easily becomes an authentic Chinese dish!

・Back memo
Location: Kyoto Ikoinosato Kuta Campsite (Kutagawaaicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City)
Please note that entering and exiting Ikoi no Sato after 17:00 and disposing of charcoal and firewood after 17:00 are basically prohibited until morning (until the administration building opens).

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