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Physis Wave Letter / Film

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Screening of the film "The Wave Pattern of Physis," which depicts the 400th anniversary of the founding of Karacho [Karacho] as the starting point of the company's design/Kyoto Cinema

Friday, April 19, 2024 - Thursday, May 02, 2024
Kyoto Cinema (COCON Karasuma 3F)

Karacho" is a workshop in Kyoto that has been in business for 400 years and has inherited karakami, the art of hand-spinning patterns on Japanese paper. The film "Physis no Nami Bun", which depicts the connection between this traditional Japanese technique and patterns from around the world, is being screened at Kyoto Cinema until May 2, 2024 (Thu.).

The title "physis" means "nature as it is" in ancient Greek. Karacho, which continues to produce karagami using techniques unchanged since its founding, copies patterns on Japanese paper by applying mud paint and mica to Edo period wooden boards engraved with botanical patterns, celestial patterns representing clouds and stars, whirlpool and wave patterns, and other patterns. This is exactly where the forms, movements, rhythms, and tints of nature as they are are born.

Director Mogi Ayako's camera carefully captures the patterns and the nature from which they originated, as if overlapping with the gaze of the ancient people. The film reminds us once again about the transmission of patterns across time and distance, and the meaning of these patterns. Take the time to enjoy it in the cinema.

Film "Physis Wave Letter"

  • The film is "Phisisis no Hamon".
  • Kyoto Cinema (COCON Karasuma 3F)
  • Friday, April 19, 2024 - Thursday, May 02, 2024
  • Director, Photography, Editing: Mogi Ayako
    Appearance: Kenkichi Senda (Karacho 11th Karashiya Choemon), Ikuko Senda (Karacho), Mayumi Tsuruoka (Art Anthropologist), Pierre-Alexis Dumas (Artistic Director, Hermes), Hiroshi Tomura (Artist), Akira Minagawa (Minagawa Perhonen Designer), Tokushi Monbetsu (Ainu Hunter), Mitsuo Kaizawa (Ainu traditional craftsman), etc.
    Distributor: SASSO CO.
    2023 / 1h25 / Japan
    Screening theaters in Kyoto/Kyoto Cinema
  • https://physis-movie.com/
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