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ACK Byproducts Workshop

Kids' Program for Enjoying Art: "Let's Make Artworks (Products) at By-Product Stores" at Kyoto International Conference Center/Kyoto International Conference Center

Saturday, October 28, 2023
Kids' Program Space in New Hall, Kyoto International Conference Center

A workshop for children will be held at "Art Collaboration Kyoto (ACK)," which will be held at the Kyoto International Conference Center from October 28, 2023 (Sat). This program is a combination of a "seeing" guided tour of the artworks installed at the venue and a "making" workshop in which participants actually work with the artists to create artworks.

In the "Making" workshop of "Let's make artworks (products) at by-product stores" to be held on October 28 (Sat), a by-product store will be invited as an instructor to conduct a workshop to make artworks (products) from waste materials (by-products) that were to be thrown away in the artist's atelier. In the workshop, participants can choose by-products they are interested in, create their own works, and sell them as products to workshop participants the next day.

The lecturers [byproducts product store] are Takeshi Yamada (Tadahaya) and Yoshitaka Yazu (kumagusuku), a duo who work mainly in Kyoto on projects that consider the value and possibilities of things. They gained attention with their "Byproducts Product Store's "Art Resource Circulation Center" Exhibition" in 2021, and continue to be active in a wide range of fields.

In the "Seeing" guided tours, the Center for Art Communication Research (ACC) of Kyoto University of Art and Design will be invited as a lecturer to conduct interactive viewing of artworks with participants, who will enjoy chatting about their thoughts, feelings, and discoveries while viewing the artworks together. By taking a tour of the venue with a guide staff member, visitors can discover new "ways of seeing" and "ways of enjoying" artworks by taking time to appreciate the real works on display. This is a great opportunity to experience art close at hand.

Kids' Program "Let's Make Works (Products) at By-Product Stores" (Japanese only)

  • Kids' Program "Let's Make Products with Fusanbutsu Ten" (Let's Make Products with Fusanbutsu Ten)
  • Kids' Program Space in New Hall, Kyoto International Conference Center
  • Saturday, October 28, 2023, 13:30-16:00
  • Ages / 8-13 years old, 3rd-6th grade elementary school students
    Fee/Pre-registration is required and participation in the workshop is free of charge
    *Admission fee for accompanying persons/guardians to the venue (free for junior high school students and under) is required separately.
    Capacity / 30 people (first-come-first-served basis, in groups of 15)
    Childcare service is available at the venue (free of charge).
    Kids Program Special Partner Rakwakai Healthcare System
  • Inquiries/ACK Executive Committee Secretariat, Kids Program kids@a-c-k.jp
  • https://a-c-k.jp/for-kids/kids-programs-1/
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