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Gion Festival Paid Seats

Kyoto "Gion Matsuri Yamahoko-Junko" pay-per-view tickets go on sale June 11 (Tue.)!

Sales of seats for spectators to watch the Yamahoko-junko procession of the "Gion Festival" at their leisure will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.
About 10,000 seats will be set up for the first festival (Wednesday, July 17) and about 3,600 seats for the second festival (Wednesday, July 24), and part of the proceeds will be used for the preservation and succession of the festival.
Sales will be conducted via the Internet and at convenience stores.
[Seat Types & Prices] (All seats with pamphlet and commemorative tickets, all seats reserved)
General seats (front row)/6000 yen
General seats (2nd row and beyond) / 4,100 yen
Manabi seats (front row)/11,000 yen
Manabi seats (2nd row and beyond)/9,000 yen
Gion Festival Premium Seats (with special tour of Yoiyama Hakodani float) / 200,000 yen (July 17 only)
Gion Festival Premium Seats / 150,000 yen (July 17 only)
Detail ishere

Gion Festival Paid Seats

Gion Festival premium bleachers. Photo shows 2023.

Gion Festival" Paid Seats
Pre-Festival July 17 (Wed.)
Between Kawaramachi Dori and Shinmachi Dori on Oike Dori
Around 10:20 (Kawaramachi-Oike) - 11:20 (Shinmachi Oike)
Post-Festival Wednesday, July 24
Between Karasuma St. and Takakura St. on Oike St. and between Teramachi St. and Kawaramachi St.
Around 9:30 (Karasuma Oike) - 9:50 (Teramachi Oike)

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