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Renting Out an Entire Hotel? One of Kyoto's Largest Single-Room Rental Accommodation Facilities [√2 Mansion] Completed

May 01, 2024 open

THE √2 HOTEL, located right in front of the World Heritage Site Toji Temple, will be reborn as a single building rental accommodation facility, the √2 Mansion. The 5LLDDDDDDDDKKKKKKKKKKKKKKSS is an unprecedented accommodation facility in Japan with a sauna and theater, where you can enjoy an extraordinary space.


The hotel is a three-story building with a private sauna, theater room, etc. The balcony overlooks the five-story pagoda of the World Heritage Site [Toji Temple]. The five-story pagoda of the World Heritage Site [Toji Temple] can be viewed from the balcony. Each room has an electronic key, and each has a kitchen, living room, bed, bathroom, and even a laundry, making the structure similar to a Japanese apartment. With a dedicated butler to provide transportation and other hospitality services, this space has been carefully designed to make your trip to Kyoto comfortable.


√2 Mansion

  • root-to-root apartment
  • May 01, 2024 open
  • 49-1 Toji Higashimonzen-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 9 min. walk from Toji Station on the Kintetsu Line
    12 min. walk from JR "Kyoto Station".
  • Tel. 075-661-3600
  • Check-in/15:00
    Check out / 10:00
    Rates/Minimum stay: 200,000 yen per night (low season, weekdays)
  • 8 parking spaces
  • https://theroot2hotel.com/
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