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Kyoto Official Media Partners

Selected articles from the web media! Kyoto Official Media Partners," a website compiling information on sightseeing in Kyoto, is now open to the public.

A site that compiles recommended articles from official media partners of the Kyoto Tourism Association, "Kyoto Official Media Partnersis now available to the public.
This is a special website for tourists that compiles articles on themes such as citizen-recommended spots, traditional culture and crafts, and promotion of understanding of food culture, etc. Articles are published by 10 web media companies (3 articles from each company) certified by the Kyoto Tourism Association as "Media Partners". Articles will be updated as needed.
By selecting and publishing mainly articles that are difficult to find through keyword searches on the Internet, we propose options for sightseeing in Kyoto that aim to solve various tourism issues.
It is full of information that should be of interest to visitors from other prefectures as well as locals! Leaf KYOTO is also participating as a media partner, so be sure to check it out!

Kyoto-kan (Kyoto City Industrial Tourism Bureau, Creative Industry Promotion Office) / Kyoto Gourmet Taxi Blog (Kyoto Gourmet Taxi) / Kyoto Love. Kyoto (Sankei Design Co., Ltd.) / Kotorippu (Shobunsha Co., Ltd.) / THE KYOTO (The Kyoto Shimbun) / Tabigatari (JR Tokai Tours, Inc.) / Hankei Kyoto Shinbun (Kyoto Shimbun, Union A Co., Ltd.) / Premium Japan (Premium Japan Co., Ltd.) / Life Hugger (Harch Corporation) / Leaf KYOTO (Leaf Publications, Inc.)
*The accreditation period for media partners is one year from April 2024. Recruitment for the fiscal year 2025 is scheduled to begin around January 2025.


Kyoto Official Media Partners

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*Since this site uses automatic translation, the translation may differ from the original Japanese content.


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