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Minami-za March Hanagata Kabuki 01

From left, Hayato Nakamura, Ichitaro Nakamura, Ukon Onoe

[The "March Hanagata Kabuki" featuring Ichitaro Nakamura, Ukon Onoe, and Hayato Nakamura is currently being held at the Minami-za Theater!

March Hanagata Kabuki" featuring the next generation of Hanagata actors Nakamura Itaro, Onoe Ukon, and Nakamura Hayato is being performed from March 2 (Sat) to March 24 (Sun), 2024. On the first day of the performance, Nakamura Ichitaro, Onoe Ukon, and Nakamura Hayato gave a speech in front of the Minamiza Theater.

Ichitaro said, "This is the first day of the March Hanagata Kabuki. We, the kabuki actors of the Heisei generation, will be performing hot and passionate plays until the 24th, and the entire Minamiza will be excited about the fourth year of the 'March Hanagata Kabuki' as well as the fun and entertainment for everyone.

Ukon said, "Ichitaro has already said what he wanted to say, so I will just give a microphone performance! He moved to the right and left with the microphone to serve the fans. The many fans who had gathered cheered loudly at this.

Hayato said, "This is the fourth time we have held this event, but as you can see from the flyer, we have the fewest number of signboard actors (laughs). (Laughs.) Please advertise to your friends and neighbors on the bus on your way home so that more people will come to see the film. We have some really tough films lined up: "Onna-goroshi-Abura-no-Jigoku", "Kawasho", and "Masakado". I will put my life on the line, so please give me your support! He said with a laugh, while also expressing his enthusiasm for the performance.

When Ichitaro was asked to perform the final hand clasp, he said, "This is the first time for me because I have never been at the top. I'm so nervous," Ichitaro said as he prepared to close the last section, but Ukon immediately interrupted him from the side and said, "Borrow my hand! Ichitaro interrupted, "Wait a minute! It's me! but Hayato interrupted again, "Hey! The fans were thrilled to see the perfect exchange.

Ichitaro regained his composure and said, "I would like to close with a prayer for the great success of the 'March Hanagata Kabuki' and for everyone's good health and happiness! He completed the hand-clapping without incident. Narikoma family! Otowaya! Otowaya! and the cheers of the female audience, the opening day event ended with a great success.

Minami-za March Hanagata Kabuki 02

Nakamura Ichitaro, "Nakamura Ichitaro," in "Chabazake Tegami Kuchijo

Minami-za March Hanagata Kabuki 04

Nakamura Ichitaro and Minamiza's mascot character Minamina in "Chabazaretekiguchi".

As the morning session of the first day began, Ichitaro appeared from the back of the theater through the aisle of the audience seats for the performance of "Hakarazaretebiki-Kojo (While Speaking Outspokenly)", dressed in costume, saying, "I want to get closer to the audience. He said, "The actors of the Heisei generation will take on the classics and introduce classical Kabuki. In "Kawasho," the play is a play of colorful love, and Magoemon (Hayato Nakamura) is acting even without lines. In "Shomon," the stage is bewitching and atmospheric. The production is different for the Sakura and Matsu programs. Please take a look at the rehearsal scenes in the pamphlet. The audience was also upset by the unexpected photo time, but were happy to take pictures of Ichitaro alongside Minamina.

Minami-za March Hanagata Kabuki 07

Kawasho" from left to right: Ukon Onoe, Hayato Nakamura, Ichitaro Nakamura

Under the direction of Nakamura Ganjiro, Ukon plays the role of Jihei in "Kawasho," one of the Matsu programs, and the dialogue between Ukon and Hayato is one of the highlights. Jihei is angry, crying, and mischievous, and is somewhat lovable, but when he thinks of Koharu (Ichitaro), his heart aches. It is also interesting to catch a glimpse of the same love-hate drama and human drama of the past and present.

Minami-za March Hanagata Kabuki 06

Cherry blossom program "Shogun" from left to right: Ichitaro Nakamura, Ukon Onoe

The role of Mitsukuni changes with each program, as do the direction and costumes, so be sure to catch both programs of "Shinobu Yoru Koi Kyokusha Shomon". The bewitching and gorgeous dance of Princess Takiyasha, played by Ichitaro, is of course a must-see, but you will also be overwhelmed by the actors who move around the stage with agility and agility!

Minami-za March Hanagata Kabuki 03

From left to right: Hayato Nakamura and Ichitaro Nakamura in "Women Kill Oil in Hell

The cherry blossom program will feature "Onna Koroshi Abura Jigoku", in which Hayato takes on the role of Yohei under the supervision of Nizaemon Kataoka, a classic work chosen together with "Kawasho" to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Monzaemon Chikamatsu's death. The scene with Okichi, who is slaughtered by the insane Yohee, is so tense that one gulps and holds one's breath.

Minami-za March Hanagata Kabuki 08

From left, Hayato Nakamura, Ichitaro Nakamura, Ukon Onoe

Nakamura Ichitaro, Onoe Ukon, and Nakamura Hayato performed all three plays together in "March Hanagata Kabuki," which was not only interesting in the classic sense, but also filled with the enthusiasm of the Heisei generation in their early 30s. The actors, who of course have not only the vigor of youth but also the ability to captivate audiences with their traditional skills built up through their experience, convey an atmosphere of mutual support and mutual improvement, leaving the audience eagerly awaiting the next performance.

Kabuki novices and regulars alike will enjoy the gap between the intimate atmosphere of the "乍憚手引き口上" and the breathtaking dancing and standing movements in the performance, and will be inspired by their passion for Kabuki. For beginners in particular, we recommend the earphone guide (800 yen), which explains the meaning of the stage interactions, costumes, stage equipment, music, etc., so that you can better understand the story by thinking, "That's what this gesture means," or "This scene is explained by the music lyrics," and so on.

In addition to the photo opportunity at the top of the stage, there is a photo area in the theater of the Minamiza, which is a great place for fans to "guess and live".

March Hanagata Kabuki

  • The Three Long Ribbons."
  • Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • A short walk from Exit 6 of "Satsuen-Shijo" station.
  • Tel. 075-561-1155
  • Morning session: 11:00~, Afternoon session: 15:30~ *Closed on Thursday, March 14
  • First-class seats 12,000 yen, second-class seats 7,000 yen, third-class seats 4,000 yen, special seats 13,000 yen (on sale now)
  • https://www.kabuki-bito.jp/theaters/kyoto/play/854
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