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Kyoto Marathon Okura Shimon

Shimon Okura (born March 16, 1993). Born in Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture. Debuted as a men's model for the fashion magazine Popteen

TV personality Shimon Okura is participating in the "Kyoto Marathon 2024! We asked him about his enthusiasm.

Kyoto Marathon 2024" will be held on Sunday, February 18, 2024. This year, TV personality Shimon Okura will participate as a special guest runner. We asked Shimon, who is preparing to run his first full marathon, about his enthusiasm and thoughts on the marathon.

1.Starting as a marathon talent

Last year, a TV program introduced him to marathons, and Mr. Shimon has run in numerous programs and competitions, including the "Awaji Island Longitudinal Marathon," the "27-Hour TV Survival Marathon," and the "Hakuba International Classic. He has impressed viewers by completing long distances such as 75 km and 100 km on rugged courses. Surprisingly, the Kyoto Marathon will be Shimon's first full marathon. We wondered how he is feeling now that he is about to compete in the marathon.

2.Interview with Shimon Okura

Your first full marathon debut was in your hometown, Kyoto. What is your enthusiasm for this marathon?

Okura: In January 2023, I first encountered marathons through a TV program after running a marathon in high school. In the midst of all this, I began to vaguely think that someday I would run a full marathon, and I was hoping to do so when I was told about the Kyoto Marathon. I never thought that a full marathon, which I had thought I would someday run, would be held in my hometown of Kyoto, and when I first heard about it, I decided to participate immediately without any hesitation.

Kyoto Marathon Okura Shimon

Although I have run distances of 42.195 km or more before, a full marathon is a competition that requires not only finishing the race, but also a time. Of course, as this will be my first full, I would like to complete the race while having some fun and exploring what it is like, and I am also very much looking forward to the fresh yatsuhashi and kyo-baamu at the lunch stop on the way. So, while I have a certain amount of time that I am aiming for, I am going to run while having fun. I would also like to complete the race with the streets of my hometown Kyoto, where I was born and raised, as my ally, and with many memories of the old days. Kyoto is such a place for me. I am very happy that Kyoto is the place where I will make my debut in a full marathon, which will happen only once in my life.

Kyoto Marathon Okura Shimon

This is Mr. Okura's full marathon debut in a place that is very important to him. We are very much looking forward to seeing you enjoy running in Kyoto. Do you have any goals you would like to achieve in this event?

Okura: My goal in terms of time is, of course, sub-4 (to run 42.195 km in 4 hours or less), which is said to be difficult to achieve for a first full marathon. However, I knew almost nothing about full marathons. Why do marathon runners say that running a full marathon is a hobby when it is so hard and beyond the limit? I would like to find out the reason why marathon runners can say that full marathon is their hobby, even though it is beyond their limit and very hard. I have a specific time goal, of course, but the goal I want to achieve this time is to wave to all the people along the roadside who are cheering me on in my hometown and return the "Ookini! I would like to wave to all the people along the road who are cheering for me in my hometown.

Kyoto Marathon Okura Shimon

Shimon-san, I could feel your love and interest in marathons just by listening to your story. What is it about marathons that makes you so passionate about them?

Okura/Marathon is "something that makes Okura Shimon active. It is something that keeps me alive. Thanks to marathons, more people know about me. Thanks to the marathon, I am healthy today. It is no exaggeration to say that I live my life with marathons. I am from the countryside of Kyoto, in the city of Kyotanabe, and this marathon has helped me to become known to so many people. When I finish work early or when I am off work, I go home, run a marathon, and go to bed. Nothing else can compare to that feeling of fulfillment and happiness in my life. I wish I could stop. I wish I could walk." But nothing can replace the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the finish line. I wish I had met Marathon sooner, but I feel that the fact that he is with me now makes my life richer.

3.What is the outline of the Kyoto Marathon 2024?

On February 18 (Sunday), approximately 16,000 runners will start from Takebishi Stadium Kyoto (located in Nishikyogoku Sports Park) at 9:00 a.m., aiming for the goal at Heian Shrine within six hours, and fully enjoy the charms of Kyoto, the city of mountains, flowers, and light, with a tour of seven World Cultural Heritage sites and views of the five mountains known for the "Bonfires. The course is designed to allow runners to fully enjoy the charms of Kyoto, a city of mountains, purple and clear waters. Runners will be able to cheer for them from various locations on the day of the race, so be sure to check it out in advance to give them a boost.
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Kyoto Marathon Executive Committee Secretariat

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  • Tel. 075-222-3138 (8:45-17:30)
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  • The TV personality Shimon Okura is participating in the "Kyoto Marathon 2024! We asked him about his enthusiasm.
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