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A walk around the Kyoto Sanjokai shopping street

[2023] Walking around Kyoto Sanjokai Shopping Street

Kyoto Sanjokai Shopping Street is one of the largest arcades in western Japan with a total length of 800m and about 180 shops. Within walking distance from Nijo Castle and Karasuma Oike, you can enjoy dining and shopping during your sightseeing. Did you know that the birthplace of the Gion Festival, one of Kyoto's three major festivals, is located near such a shopping street? Let's enjoy the shopping street gourmet along with the origin of the festival to learn again.

1.The shrine responsible for the climax of the Gion Festival [Matatabisha (Gokusha)]

A subordinate shrine outside the boundaries of [Yasaka Shrine] in a corner of the shopping district. At the Kanko Festival on July 24th, three portable shrines carrying enshrined deities are carried around each parishioner town, and the Nakagoza portable shrine is enshrined by the company and offerings of mikoshi are offered.

Also travel company (gokusha)

Also travel company (gokusha)

2.Birthplace of the Gion Festival [Shinsen-en]

Shinsen-en Garden, which was built adjacent to the Daidairi around the same time as the Heian-kyo capital transfer, is a historical site where successive emperors visited and enjoyed poetry banquets, cherry blossom viewing, fish viewing, and chrysanthemum banquets. Legend has it that the goddess Dragon King summoned by Kukai lives in the pond. The Gion Festival originated from the Gion Goryoe, in which 66 floats were erected and portable shrines were sent from Yasaka Shrine to Shinsenen.



  • Shinsenen
  • 167 Monzencho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 3-minute walk from Subway Nijojo-mae Station
  • Tel.075-821-1466

3.Traditional authentic matcha ice cream [Yano Jisakuen]

A tea shop with a reputation for hojicha, which is carefully roasted in small batches with a roasting machine. Another popular product is Green Soft, which was born in 1955. Developed as a tea product that sells well even in the hot summer, it features a clear matcha flavor typical of a specialty store. I'm also happy with the price that you can easily eat while shopping. Currently, it is produced in small quantities, so if you want to eat it, be sure to call to confirm.

Matcha ice cream from Yano Jisakuen

Green soft serve 250 yen. Soft serve ice cream with mild sweetness and matcha aroma, made with the same manufacturing method as when it first went on sale about 60 years ago.

Yano Self-made Garden

Yano Self-made Garden

  • Yanoji Sakuen
  • 10 Mibubabacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 8-minute walk from JR/Subway Nijo Station
  • Tel.075-841-2567

4.Gentle Taste Tofu Specialty Store [Ami Tofu Shop]

Sister shop of Taiwan cafe [The old taste.]. Ms. Sosaibi from Taiwan and her husband, Mr. Yuki Yamaguchi, serve tofu and Taiwanese tea that recreate the taste of their grandmother in their hometown. This year, a gelato that is perfect for summer will be released in collaboration with [Premarché Gelateria] in the neighborhood. You can enjoy two types of Taiwanese flavors, taro and oriental beauty tea, with gelato.

Amitouhanaten East Beauty Tea Gelato

Oriental beauty tea gelato made by combining the four famous teas of Taiwan with milk 500 yen

Inside view of Ami Tofu Flower Shop

Ami Bean Flower Shop

  • Amado Farm
  • 273-1 Sanjo Omiyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 6-minute walk from Subway Nijojo-mae Station
  • Tel.075-366-6626

5.Fruit and vegetable store specializing in freshly squeezed citrus juice [fruitist Kashin]

A fruit and vegetable store founded in 2010, close to the entrance on the Horikawa-dori side, where fresh fruit welcomes you. Regular customers are pleased with the shopping style that allows them to choose the best items with confidence. Today's fresh juice plays a role in vitamin supplementation for such regular customers. Since only the center is squeezed, you can enjoy the pure taste without the astringency of the cotton.

fresh juice

Today's fresh juice 300 yen. This day is a combination of Kiyomi Orange and Blood Orange. Both fruits are from Wakayama. Sales are from 9:30 to 18:00



  • flutist kashin
  • Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo Ward Sanjodori Horikawa Nishiiri Bridge Nishicho 673
  • 6-minute walk from Subway Nijojo-mae Station
  • Tel.075-822-3350

6.A must-have for a quick drink [Tempura Izakaya Naniwaya]

Ohashiya, a street corner tempura specialty store, has opened an izakaya on the north side of the same building. After passing through the noren, 7 counter seats appear. Standing in front of the fryer is Takeo Wakita, the 4th generation owner, who moves smoothly and without waste to serve freshly fried tempura in front of you. In addition to tempura at night with matcha salt and tempura sauce, from 2023 it will be open for lunch only on weekdays.

Naniwaya Various tempura

Vegetables such as potatoes and onions are 100 yen, and seafood such as shrimp for 200 yen and kisses for 150 yen are excellent value for money. Various tempura 100 yen ~

Naniwaya Appearance

Tempura Izakaya Naniwaya

  • Tempura Izakaya Naniwaya
  • 6, Nishinokyoikenouchicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 9-minute walk from JR/Subway Nijo Station
  • Tel.075-600-9676

7.Fruits junkie, a candy apple specialty store that has evolved in taste and appearance

A candy apple specialty store that has become popular due to the fruit candy boom in Korea has opened! As a result of trying various varieties, we adopted Sanfuji with a sugar content of 13% or more, which contains honey. What is even more noteworthy is the thinness of the candy, which is only 1.1mm, which is classified as the thinnest type in the industry. In the summer, a combination with soft cream will be released.

Fruits junkie white chocolate

White chocolate 770 yen. The refreshing sweet and sour taste of Sanfuji and the faint milky feeling of white chocolate are a better match than you might imagine.

Fruits junkie exterior

Fruits junkie

  • fruit junkie
  • 53 Kamigawaramachi, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 7 minute walk from Subway Nijojo-mae Station
  • Tel.050-3091-5108

8.Kyoto's traditional culture, Kyo top-making specialty store [Jakukyu]

Kyo tops are made by winding colorful kimono fabrics and brocade cords around bamboo shafts. It is said that it was an elegant plaything for the women of the Imperial Court, and because it is all hand-made, it cannot be mass-produced. Feel free to experience the traditions of Kyoto.

Jakukyu Kyokoma Gion Yamaboko

Just looking at the splendid Kyoto koma, which is likened to the floats of the Gion Festival, is overwhelming. Kyokoma Gion Yamaboko, which can of course be spun and played, costs 5,500 yen each.

sparrow rest

sparrow rest

  • Jakkyu
  • 1 Shinsenen-cho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 4-minute walk from Subway Nijojo-mae Station
  • Tel.075-811-2281
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