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2023.5.23 PR
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Papa John's Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich

[Papa John's] × Leaf collaboration new product Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich will be on general sale at [Leaf KYOTO mall] from June 1st (Thursday)

[Papa John's], which has been loved for many years as a New York cheesecake specialty store in Kyoto, and Leaf, a Kyoto town information magazine that has been running around in search of Kyoto's delicious things in daily coverage, want to make rich cheese sweets a new summer staple in Kyoto. and collaboration are realized. The new product Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich will be available for general sale from June 1, 2023 (Thursday) at Leaf KYOTO mall, a mail-order site operated by Leaf. The support purchase service “Makuake” that preceded the project received a large number of supporters that greatly exceeded the target as soon as it started, and finished the project with an achievement rate of over 1600%. Be sure to try the hot new product, Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich.


1.Born to make it easy to eat rich cheese sweets even in summer! frozen cheesecake sandwich

About 30 years ago, Papa John's began selling authentic New York-style cheesecakes instead of the soufflé-type cheesecakes that were popular at the time. In order to preserve the original taste, the ingredients have not changed for over 30 years, and all work is done by hand.
While carefully protecting the New York cheesecake, which has been loved for many years and boasts an immovable popularity, as a new challenge, we created a frozen cheesecake sandwich so that you can enjoy rich cheese sweets deliciously in the summer. The harmony of the rich frozen cheesecake and homemade graham crackers with the scent of cinnamon is irresistible. You can eat it with one hand, and since it's not ice cream, you don't have to worry about it melting.


Great for entertaining guests, taking a break at work, or accompanying a picnic.

2.Excellent! The secret of the rich melting in the mouth is the golden ratio found from more than ten trials.

The rich melt-in-your-mouth texture of the frozen cheesecake sandwich is the result of the hard work of the developers.
To achieve the thickness of New York cheesecake that does not harden even when frozen, and the thinness of crackers that do not break easily, it seems that more than a dozen trials were repeated. As a result, the rich frozen cheesecake and crunchy crackers are a perfect match.
Frozen cheesecake can be purchased online only at [Leaf KYOTO mall]. It's only sold during the summer, so if you're interested, check it out.


The golden ratio of New York cheesecake and crackers discovered after numerous trials

We are currently distributing 500 yen OFF coupons that can be used until the end of June.
Get a coupon by registering as a friend from the official LINE of [Leaf KYOTO mall]
Register as a friendherefrom.
*Coupon applies to all Leaf KYOTO mall products. Valid only once per person

[Papa John's] x Leaf Frozen Cheesecake Sandwich Set of 5

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