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2023.3.7 PR
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Kyoto Marathon 2023

After 3 years, our thoughts are united in Kyoto! Kyoto Marathon 2023

The Kyoto Marathon 2023 was the first real race in three years. Unfortunately, it rained, but the event was held as scheduled on Sunday, February 19, 2023.

The MKYOTO editorial staff has been participating in a real full marathon for a long time with mixed feelings of fun, nervousness, and anxiety, and we report on it here.

The course, which is particularly noteworthy, is a fascinating one that takes you around seven World Heritage sites and offers views of the five mountains known for their "bonfires" and the charms of Kyoto, the city of mountains, flowers, and light.

Kyoto Marathon 2023

A Kyoto Marathon specialty. [Monks of Ninna-ji Temple cheering for the runners.

One of the unique features of the Kyoto Marathon is the proximity of the runners to the cheering crowds along the route. I actually felt that this is what it means to be boosted by cheering, even when the weather was bad and my legs were aching and I was about to give up around the 30km mark.
Many runners must have been encouraged by the enthusiastic cheering of the "Roadside Cheering Squad," who also braved the occasional heavy rain shower.

Kyoto Marathon 2023

Ritsumeikan University Cheering Squad, a team of roadside supporters

Kyoto Marathon 2023

[At the Kyoto Botanical Garden, geiko and maiko from the Gion Koubu area also cheer the visitors on in a spectacular manner.

This tournament was supported by 14,000 volunteers and staff members, who were very cheerful and helpful in all parts of the event, and really bowed down in the rain. Thank you very much. I could feel that the tournament was made possible thanks to all the volunteers and staff members.

Kyoto Marathon 2023

Thank you to all the volunteers for coming out in the rain!

Although there were still some cramped conditions, such as the reduction of the "Okoshiyasu Hiroba" held two days before and the day before the event and the "Otsukaresama Hiroba" on the day of the event due to the Corona disaster, the event was very enjoyable and fulfilling, and we hope to run it again next year.
Kyoto has many historical annual events, and I feel that they are still passed down today because the entire city is involved in making these events a success. I felt the support of everyone along the route and the volunteers and staff, and I think the "Kyoto Marathon" will be one of those events.

MKYOTO Editorial Office

Kyoto Marathon 2023

I managed to finish the race somehow.

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