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Kiho Turtle Dragon Festival

Limited collaboration osechi using ingredients from Kameoka, Kyoto is on sale

Kameoka's rich and attractive ingredients have supported Kyoto's long-established food culture. Kameoka City will sell "Rinpo-kiryu Osechi," a limited collaboration of two long-established restaurants, Matsumasa and Torihime, using such Kameoka ingredients.
The three-tiered osechi in a paulownia box is filled with special osechi made with ingredients from Kameoka produced by Kyoto Cuisine Matsumasa, which boasts of its ability to transform seasonal ingredients, and specially prepared chicken sukiyaki using Tanba chicken from Kameoka by Kyoto Cuisine Torihime, which has long served chicken dishes as a specialist in chicken cuisine. On New Year's Eve, enjoy a delicious chicken sukiyaki to end the year, and welcome the New Year with a gorgeous osechi suitable for the big day.

Inbong Turtle Dragon Gobushi" for 3-4 servings

  • Limited to 50 sets
  • Price/180,000 yen *Only for Kameoka City hometown tax payment
  • Delivery method / Nationwide shipping (excluding some areas)
    Delivery date / Expected arrival date: December 31, 2022
  • Inquiries / "Rimpo Kame Ryu Gosetsu" Production Committee info@toriyone.com
  • https://furunavi.jp/product_detail.aspx?pid=696649
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