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Kyoto Aquarium jellyfish and wind chimes

[The staff at the Kyoto Aquarium told us about jellyfish! Jellyfish are so cute! Jellyfish and Wind Chimes, a project overflowing with love!

Jellyfish and Wind Chimes," a popular project of the Kyoto Aquarium, is being held until September 30, 2022 (Friday), featuring 130 handmade wind chimes in the shape of jellyfish and jellyfish willow trees that convey the diversity and attractiveness of jellyfish.
[The concept of the Kyoto Aquarium is "The closer you get, the more you like it. The Kyoto Aquarium is an aquarium based on the concept of "love it more when you get closer. In 2020, a new exhibit area, "Jellyfish Wonder," will be created, and the aquarium is becoming the "jellyfish" spot in Kyoto. Jellyfish Wonder" will be opened in 2020, and is becoming a "jellyfish" spot in Kyoto.
We asked the staff of the Kyoto Aquarium about the special features of this project. It will be over soon, so don't miss it! (TEXT / Yuri Sano)

1.[The staff at the Kyoto Aquarium told us about the special features of "Jellyfish and Wind Chimes.

[When we asked a staff member at the Kyoto Aquarium about the appeal of the project, he replied, "What we were particular about with the 'jellyfish and wind chimes' was to faithfully reproduce the characteristics of jellyfish with wind chimes. For example, the long pectoral fin of the Salcya jellyfish can be expressed by a glass rod that plays the sound of the wind chime, and we held discussions with "TAKU GLASS," a glass studio in Niigata that was involved in the production of the wind chime, to come up with this masterpiece.
Also, the red jellyfish wind chime with its distinctive striped pattern was carefully selected for the intensity of color of the stripe pattern from the top of the umbrella to the bottom."
The willow poems, which were composed from the viewpoint of the breeding staff who know jellyfish well, such as the fact that the stripe pattern of the red jellyfish varies from person to person, are also worth enjoying.

Kyoto Aquarium jellyfish and wind chimes

Jellyfish wind chime full of details

2.Birth in 2020! Attraction of the new exhibition area "Jellyfish Wonder

Jellyfish Wonder" is where visitors can encounter 5,000 jellyfish of about 30 species, the largest number in western Japan. The "Jellyfish Wonder" is a 360-degree panoramic tank "GURURI," where you can observe the growth process of water jellyfish, a "Kyoto Jellyfish Research Club" where you can interact with the breeding staff, and a "Jellyfish Character Diagnosis" panel designed to help visitors learn about the diversity of jellyfish and become familiar with them. The "Jellyfish Character Diagnosis" panel was created to help visitors learn about the diversity of jellyfish and become more familiar with them. This is a space that will make you fall in love with jellyfish even more.

Kyoto Aquarium Jellyfish Wonder

GURURI, a 360-degree panoramic aquarium in which water jellyfish float

3.The "Dining Scene" at Jellyfish Wonder is especially noteworthy.

At Jellyfish Wonder, if the timing is right, visitors can watch jellyfish being fed. The long, somewhat scary tentacles of the red jellyfish shrink to an umbrella-like shape only when they are grabbing their food. The staff members who keep the jellyfish also praise them for their cute appearance after they grab their food. The way they move their mouths from side to side is like a "hiccup. Check out the unexpected appearance of these jellyfish.

Red jellyfish at Kyoto Aquarium

[Red jellyfish bred at the Kyoto Aquarium

4.[Be cured by the beloved jellyfish at the Kyoto Aquarium.

Through the interview, I felt the depth of the staff's love for jellyfish at the Kyoto Aquarium.
We were able to hear about the appeal of jellyfish and their commitment to wind chimes, which could not be described in the article.
The more I learned about jellyfish, the more I found them "cute." I learned about episodes such as how they eat, which I could not imagine from their fantastic appearance, and how their patterns differ from one individual to another, just like the appearance of humans.
The current "Jellyfish and Wind Chimes" project is the result of the love and enthusiasm of the staff at the Kyoto Aquarium, who want visitors to learn about the fascination of jellyfish.
[The beloved "jellyfish" of the Kyoto Aquarium and the "jellyfish wind chimes" that have been carefully selected will soothe you.

Kyoto Aquarium

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    7 minutes walk from JR "Umekoji Kyoto Nishi Station"
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    Check website for hours of operation.
    Adults 2200 yen, High school students 1700 yen, Elementary and junior high school students 1100 yen, Infants (3 years and older) 700 yen
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