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Ceramic brand WATAKAMA Video interview with Mr. Watabiki [Kyoto maker]

We interviewed Mr. Watabiki of WATAKAMA, a ceramics brand produced by Kohei and Mayuko Watabiki in Kameoka, Kyoto. We asked him about the characteristics of his work and his thoughts on ceramics.
The cups, carefully made one by one in a relaxed and peaceful space, are used at [M KYOTO CAFE by Leaf], located right next to JR Kyoto Station. Please take the actual cups in your hands and enjoy a relaxing and healing time at the cafe.

Interview with Kohei Watabiki and Mayuko, ceramic artists [WATAKAMA]

Ceramic brand "WATAKAMA" - The process of making pottery [People who make pottery in Kyoto]

Three coffee cup recommendations: Ceramic brand WATAKAMA

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