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[Series] I want to know as a Kyoto person! plant crest

What is a plant crest?

Family crests, which have been used as symbols of family status, and crests unique to shrines and temples, called kamon or temple crests, originated in the Heian period (794-1185) when court nobles added crests to their furnishings and personal belongings as landmarks.
There are currently more than 240 types, the most common of which are botanical crests with flower and leaf motifs, rich in plants of all four seasons.

This is a new flower newsletter on the theme of such "plant crests," delivered along with the best of the season's flowers.
Touch the roots of history through botanical crests, which show the Japanese way of living with nature, valuing forests and flowers since ancient times.

1.Plant crests - Plum blossoms

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2.Plant crests - Cherry blossoms

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3.Plant crest - Wisteria

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4.Botanical Crests - Kikyo (Chinese bellflower)

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5.Botanical crests - Chrysanthemum

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6.Plant crest - Maple [NEW!

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