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Tsukimi-dango" and "Usagi" sweets

[2022] Six Japanese Sweets in Kyoto: Otsukimi Dango and Rabbit

The harvest moon of 2022 will be on Saturday, September 10. What you want to eat together while watching the full moon is "tsukimi dango" (dumplings for moon viewing). In this issue, we introduce "tsukimi dango" (moon-viewing dango) and cute "rabbit" sweets available at Japanese confectionery stores in Kyoto. Enjoy tsukimi while eating these seasonal sweets.

1.Sentaro's "Tsukimi Dango" and "Tsuki-Usagi" / Kawaramachi

We value good food more than beautiful food. Food from the climate in which you were born and raised is easy for your body to adapt to, and your body craves it. That is to say, delicious. This is his creed. This is the main store of a nationally famous Japanese confectionary store that insists on using domestic ingredients such as Tanba Dainagon and Hokkaido beet sugar. One of its signature products, monaka, is known for its separate skin and red bean paste, which can be tasted freshly made at the store. Ohagi made from Habutae mochi rice from Shiga Eshu is available in a variety of flavors, including tsubu-an (sweet red bean paste), kinako (soybean flour), and seven-grain o-hagi (rice cake with seven grains).

(left) tsukimi dango: 216 yen (grains/starch), (right) tsukimi-usagi: 303 yen

Tsukimi-dango (dumpling) - Grain/starch
The white round dumplings are represented as the "moon" and the red bean paste as the "night sky/clouds.
Sales period / September 1 (Thursday) to 19 (Monday), 2022

moon hare
It is a product in the shape of a "rabbit" with ears made by baking iron and eyes made by yokan (bean jelly) on a tooro-starch manju (Japanese yam with azuki bean paste).
Sales period / Thursday, September 1, 2022 to mid-September

Sentaro Main Store

  • main telephone (phone) number
  • 576 Nakano-cho, Bukouji-agaru, Teramachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 5 minutes walk from Hankyu "Kyoto Kawaramachi Station"
  • Tel. 075-344-0700
  • 8:00-18:00
  • https://www.sentaro.co.jp/

2.Eirakuya's "Tsukimi Dango" and "Ohigashi Otsukimi" / Kawaramachi

Since its establishment in 1946, this Kyoto-based Japanese confectionery has offered "karaimono (Kyoto tsukudani)," which goes well with rice, and "amaimono (Kyoto sweets)," which goes well with tea. Ichitokuchi-shiitake" made from small dongko mushrooms grown on logs and "Kohaku" made from high-quality agar are the store's signature products, and their lineup symbolizes Japanese food culture. The main store in Kawaramachi Shijo is equipped with a coffee shop where customers can enjoy green tea parfait, freshly made warabimochi, and other delicacies in a relaxed atmosphere.

Eirakuya Tsukimi Dango/Ohigashi Otsukimi

(Left) Tsukimi dango: 230 yen (Right) Ohigashi otsukimi: 250 yen

sweet dumpling made with mochi flour and (sometimes) millet flour (famous product of Okayama)
Kansai-style tsukimi dumplings made of Japanese rice flour and topped with fine red bean paste. There are various theories, but the dumpling is said to resemble a cloud hanging over the moon.
Sales period / September 3 (Sat.) to 10 (Sat.), 2022

Ohigashi Otsukimi
Awa Wasanbon sugar, which has a unique and elegant flavor, is used. The fine texture and refreshing sweetness of the higashi give it a pleasant aftertaste. (One set with two rabbits and a full moon)
Sales period: Until September 10, 2022 (Saturday) *Sales will end as soon as the product is gone.

Eirakuya Main Store

  • Eirakuya Honten
  • East side of Shijo Kamigaru, Kawaramachi-Dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto *Check the website for other stores.
  • Short walk from Hankyu "Kyoto Kawaramachi Station".
  • Tel. 075-221-2318 (main store) *For other stores
  • 10:00-19:00
  • https://www.eirakuya.co.jp/

3.Kameya Ryoucho's "Tsukimi Dango" and "Kyo Hanzuki (moon-viewing rabbit)" / Shijo

Founded about 210 years ago, when the Japanese confectionery culture was in full bloom. The store began making wagashi using the famous Awasengai water that wells up next to the store, and the taste has remained unchanged since its establishment. The signature confectionary, Ubatama, is made with brown sugar from Hateruma Island, Okinawa, and covered with agar agar. Under the motto of "Protect what needs to be protected and change what needs to be changed," the company also produces a variety of unique Japanese confections that are fun to look at and eat, using ingredients and production methods that make the most of traditional techniques.

Kameya Ryacho Tsukimi Dango, Kyo half moon (Tsukimi Usagi)

(Left) Tsukimi Dango 378 yen, (Right) Kyo Hanzuki (Tsukimi Usagi) 5 pieces 756 yen

Tsukimi dango (moon-viewing dumpling) 378 yen
The tsukimi dango, sold only during this season, is in the form of a rice cake wrapped in mashed sweet bean paste. They are made in the image of taro.
Sales period / September 10 (Saturday)

Kyo-hanzuki (tsukimi rabbit)
Koshi An (sweet red bean paste) and Uji Matcha An (green tea bean paste) are sandwiched between seed rice crackers, perfect for the moon viewing season. The rabbit and silver grass branding is cute.
Sales period / From around October


  • Kamaya Yoshinaga Honten
  • 17-19 Kashiwayacho, Shijo-dori, Aburaokoji Nishi-iru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto *Check the website for other stores.
  • 10 min. walk from Subway "Shijo Station".
  • Tel. 075-221-2005 (main store) *For other stores
  • Main store 9:30-18:00, Tea house 11:00-17:00
  • http://kameya-yoshinaga.com/

4.Tawaraya Yoshitomi's "Tsukimi Dango" and "Molasses Bonbon Meigetsu Usagi" / Imadegawa

Tawaraya Yoshitomi's motto is "Ganshin Chudo," or "Seek the way of confectionery" and "Always seek the best confectionery and strive for the way of confectionery. In 2018, Tawaraya Yoshitomi launched a new brand "Toiro by Tawaraya Yoshitomi" at JR Kyoto Isetan. The brand offers a variety of creative products based on traditional Japanese confectionaries that have been loved for centuries.

(Left) Molasses bonbon: Meigetsu rabbit, 1,080 yen (Right) Tsukimi dango (5 pieces), 1,296 yen

sweet dumpling made with mochi flour and (sometimes) millet flour (famous product of Okayama)
Tsukimi-dango (moon-viewing dumplings) are a seasonal fresh confectionery. The dumplings are topped with colorful sweet red bean paste and sweet red bean paste.
Sales period / Around September 7 (Wed.) to 11 (Sun.), 2022

Molasses bonbon Meigetsu Rabbit
Molasses bonbons are made with molasses to be enjoyed by both children and adults. The "Meigetsu Rabbit," which represents an adorable rabbit and autumn grass swaying in the autumn wind, is an autumn-only product.
Sales period / Until around September 19, 2022 (Monday)

Tawaraya Yoshitomi Head Office

  • Yoshitomi Tawaraya Honten
  • Kamidachiuri-agaru, Muromachi-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 5 minutes walk from Subway “Imadegawa Station”
  • Tel. 075-432-2211 (main)
  • 8:00 - 16:00
  • Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays
  • http://www.kyogashi.co.jp/

5.Tsuruya Yoshinobu's "Tsukimi Dango" and "Tsuki Usagi" / Imadegawa

A long-established Japanese confectionary store that has been building the history and culture of Kyoto confectionaries since its establishment in 1803. In addition to its signature sweets such as Kyo Kanze and Yuzu Rice Cake, it also offers a wide variety of seasonal sweets. On the second floor, there is a rest area where you can enjoy sweet treats made with the techniques unique to a Japanese confectionary store while gazing at the magnificent tea garden.

Tsuruya Yoshinobu tsukimi dango, moon rabbit

(Left) Moon Rabbit: 486 yen (Right) Tsukimi Dango: 324 yen

rice ball coated with sweetened red beans, soybean flour or sesame
The Mid-Autumn Moon is also called "Imo Meigetsu" (moon with a sweet potato name), and taro harvested at this time of the year was offered to pray for a bountiful harvest. These taro-shaped dango are topped with sweet bean paste and served during tsukimi.
Sales period / September 1 (Thursday) to 10 (Saturday), 2022

moon and rabbit
An autumn-only jyoyo manju wrapped in a fluffy and moist yam yam yam dough with sweet red bean paste. It is characterized by its lovely rolling shape of a rabbit.
Sales period / September 1 (Thursday) to 15 (Thursday), 2022
*Offered also during the Thirteen Nights period, October 1 (Sat.) to 15 (Sat.)

Tsuruya Yoshinobu Kyoto Main Store

  • Tsuruya Yoshinobu Honten
  • Horikawa Nishiiru, Imadegawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 11-minute walk from Imadegawa Subway Station
  • Tel. 075-441-0105 (main)
  • Storefront 9:00~18:00
    Vacation shop 10:00-17:00 (LO/16:30)
  • Closed on Wednesdays and irregular holidays
  • https://www.tsuruyayoshinobu.jp/

6.Old pine "tama-usagi" and "tsukimi-dango" (moon-viewing dumplings)/Kamishichichiken

Founded in 1908 in Kami Shichiken, Kyoto's oldest Hanamachi district. The family lineage of the owner of the shop is descended from the court ceremonial officials of the Heian period (794-1192), and the store has been a part of the imperial court since ancient times. The family lineage of the owner is descended from the court ceremonial officials of the Heian period (794-1185), and they have been making confections used in ceremonies and rituals based on the Yukoku-no-fudo tradition handed down from ancient times at the Imperial Court, as well as confections used in the tea ceremony. In addition to Kyoto-style confections and seasonal confections, we also handle custom-made confections for weddings and other celebrations.

(left) tama-usagi (ball rabbit) 432 yen, (right) tsukimi-dango (moon-viewing dumpling) 324 yen

sweet dumpling made with mochi flour and (sometimes) millet flour (famous product of Okayama)
The Mid-Autumn Meigetsu is also called Imo Meigetsu, or "moon of potatoes", and since taro harvested during this period was offered to pray for a good harvest, dumplings made of new flour are made to resemble taro and covered with sweet bean paste.
Sales period / September 1 (Thursday) to 10 (Saturday), 2022

Tama Hare (Lepus brachyurus)
A Japanese yam, named after the Chinese legend "Gyokuto," which refers to a rabbit in the moon, is a Japanese yam with a light red bean paste wrapped inside.
Sales period / August 29, 2022 (Monday) - September 15, 2022 (Thursday)

Laematsu Kitano Store

  • Otematsu Fatsunokoten
  • 675-2 Shaya Nagaya-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 10 minutes walk from Randen "Kitano Hakubaicho Station"
  • Tel. 075-463-3050
  • 9:00-17:00
  • https://oimatu.co.jp/
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