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deluxs entrance

Sleeping with Dinosaurs at Dulux Outdoor Resort Kyotango Kumihama LABO in Kyotango

Visitors enter Dulux Outdoor Resort Kyotango Kumihama LABO (Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture) by passing under two 14-meter-high Tyrannosaurus rexes. The theme park was opened with the aim of "creating a facility with unprecedented surprises and excitement." Not only can visitors encounter giant dinosaurs, but there are also many other interesting features, such as a circle-shaped LED swing that magically glows and a seesaw, that are sure to keep visitors excited.

deluxs appearance

Five types of rooms are available in the forest where dinosaurs live. Choose your favorite style from a dome-shaped tent where you can fall asleep while looking at dinosaurs, or a gorgeous unit house with a pool that looks like it could appear in an overseas TV drama.

deluxs interior view

Don't just spend the night in your tent! Take a walk through the thrilling park, where the roar of dinosaurs echoes through the air. The fire pit at this facility is shaped like a dinosaur egg, and the flames bring the dinosaur to life. There are many other must-see points for dinosaur fans.

Dulux Outdoor Resort Kyotango Kumihama LABO Night view

When you are tired of playing, recharge your energy with BBQ. They aim to contribute to local producers and reduce food loss, and offer Kyoto's brand pork, Kyotanbakogen pork. The domestic BBQ plan also includes beef belly, ribeye, tongue, and chicken, for a total of five kinds of meat.

deluxs Culinary BBQ

Dulux Outdoor Resort Kyotango Kumihama LABO

  • Dulux Outdoor Resort Kyotango-Miyama Lab.
  • 116-1 Nunobukurono, Kumihama-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto, Japan
  • Approximately 15 minutes by cab from Kumihama Station on the Kyoto Tango Railway
  • Tel. 0772-66-3739
  • Check-in / 15:00~.
    Check-out / ~10:00
  • No regular holidays
  • All seats non-smoking (smoking space available) Fully private room available Parking available
  • https://deluxs.jp/kumihama/
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