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glampark keburi kawa exterior

Soak in the hot springs at glampark Keburikawa, an inn nestled in the rich natural environment of Kameoka.

Glamping facilities [glampark Keburikawa] (Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture) are limited to three couples per day. In a rich natural setting at the foot of a mountain, visitors can spend luxurious time listening to the sounds of insects and the wind while gazing at the vivid greenery and open sky. There is a grassy area in front of the dome tent where children can run around and play as much as they like, and it is also recommended to lie down at night for astronomical observation.

glampark keburi kawa interior view

The tents are double-layered luxury domes that can be adapted to harsh natural environments such as the mountains and deserts of the Swiss Alps. They are equipped with indoor air conditioning for comfortable sleeping throughout the year. In addition to a full range of amenities, the tents are equipped with separate toilets on the deck space, making it safe for those staying with children.

glampark keburi kawa yunohana onsen

For a bath, go to the Yunohana Onsen (hot spring) inside the facility. This is a natural radium hot spring that has been used since ancient times to cure all illnesses and ward off misfortune, and was popular among samurai warriors, including Mitsuhide Akechi. The large tatami-matted bath and the rock-covered open-air bath both offer a sense of openness and a view of the changing seasons.

Grand Park Kebukawa Cuisine

The BBQ space is a private space illuminated with lights, and you can choose to bring your own food instead of ordering. The front desk is transformed into the Keburikawa Bar, which serves alcohol and soft drinks only at night. Come for a drink after dinner.

Grand Park Keburikawa BBQ Venue

glampark keburi kawa

  • Grand Park Kebukawa
  • 1-1 Hiramatsu Dorogabuchi, Honme-cho, Kameoka-shi, Kyoto
  • 19 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR Kameoka Station
  • Tel. 03-6820-1224
  • Check-in / 14:00~.
    Check-out / ~10:00
  • No regular holidays
  • Room rate for 1 person/ 9730 yen and up (based on 4 persons per room)
  • All seats non-smoking (smoking space available) Fully private room available 100 parking lots
  • https://glampark.co.jp/accommodation/glampark-keburikawa/
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