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2024.4.2 PR
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Eel Sansho Goko Appearance

[Enjoy plump, delicious eel with the aroma of sansho (Japanese pepper) at "Eel Sansho Gogyo" near Nijo Castle.

March 31, 2024 open

Kyoto Marumochi-ya, which operates Marumochi-ya, famous for its "Mizu-Mochi," a rice cake that pops out when a water balloon is broken, has opened a new restaurant specializing in eel. The owner, who has eaten at as many as 200 specialty restaurants over the years, opened "Eel Sansho Goko" (Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) because of his love for eel.

five elements of the Japanese eel and cucumber salad, finely sliced, dressed in sake, soy, and vinegar

Hitsumabushi with a single eel topped with Japanese pepper for 4,500 yen. First taste it as it is, then enjoy it with the condiments. If you pour the broth over the eel and eat it like chazuke (rice with green tea), you can enjoy the taste of condiments even more without getting tired of it.

All eels used here are Japanese eels. The eel is steamed once and then grilled in Kanto style, which allows you to enjoy its plump meat. Sansho, which is indispensable for eel, is made from brand-name sansho, including the high-grade grape sansho produced in Wakayama Prefecture at Hirano Seishoan. Its elegant, fresh aroma and piquant flavor enhances the delicious flavor of the savory eel. One piece of eel is enough to satisfy your appetite, but if you want to enjoy more, order two pieces of eel.

Unagi Sansho Goko Mizumaru Mochi

Mizumaru Mochi with soybean flour and molasses: 850 yen. Once you try it, you will surely be addicted to its plump texture!

Don't forget to try the after-dinner dessert of Mizu-Maru Mochi, a specialty of Marumochiya, which will leave you with the satisfaction of the eel and a refreshing aftertaste.

Eel Sansho Goko Internal view

five elements of the Japanese eel and cucumber salad, finely sliced, dressed in sake, soy, and vinegar

  • eel and crocodile industry
  • March 31, 2024 open
  • 1F, Oike Royal Mansion, 137-3 Shikiaimacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 3 min. walk from Exit 2 of "Nijojo-mae" subway station
  • Tel.090-8508-4519
  • 11:00-15:00
  • Irregular holidays
  • All seats non-smoking No private room No parking
  • https://www.instagram.com/unagisansyogogyou/
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