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tatlı kahve

A restaurant serving curry and teas from around the world opens in Gosho Nishi [tatlı kahve tatlı kahve tatlı kahve].

July 11, 2023 open

Opened in July this year in the Gosho Nishi area, the owner, Ms. Hayakawa, offers her signature curry, baked sweets, and teas from around the world. The name of the store is derived from "tatlı," meaning "sweet" or "cute" in Turkish, and "kahve," meaning "coffee," which is said to be the origin of the word "cafe. The owner's wish is to offer a menu that is a little unusual and tasty from various countries, just as Turkey flourished as a crossroads of East and West cultures where fruits and spices gathered from all over the world.

tatlı kahve

True to this desire, there are always 30-40 varieties of tea available, purchased from Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and other countries. In addition to cups, teapots are also available, and you can experience authentic tea using Taiwanese tea utensils. The owner's signature tamale chicken curry comes with an original blend of curry shichimi (seven spices) to change the flavor, and the restaurant is packed with hospitality. After enjoying lunch, we recommend taking a relaxing trip around the world tasting the flavors of the world over a cup of tea from different countries. The owner is a one-man operation, so be sure to allow plenty of time for your visit.

tatlı kahve

Jiayao Oolong tea (cup) 500 yen. Tropical fruit-like aroma.

tatlı kahve

Tatrur chicken curry for 1000 yen comes with carrot rappe and original curry shichimi

tatlı kahve

  • Turtle Cafe
  • July 11, 2023 open
  • 323 Kameya-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 2 minute walk from Horikawa Shimotateuri bus stop.
  • Tel. 075-366-2282
  • 11:00-20:00 (LO/19:00)
  • Closed on Mondays and the last Sunday of the month (or the following day if the day falls on a national holiday), other irregular holidays
  • All seats non-smoking No private room No parking
  • https://www.instagram.com/tatli.kyoto/
  • *I am often unavailable to take phone calls, so please DM me on Instagram with your inquiries.
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