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Rengeji Temple

Kamitakano's [Rengeji] where you can enjoy the autumn leaves in the garden with the pillars as a picture frame

In the early Edo period, it was rebuilt by Chikayoshi Imaeda of the Kaga Maeda clan. It is said that literary figures such as Jozan Ishikawa and Tanyu Kano, and Zen master Ingen of the Obaku sect cooperated in the construction of the temple. The main hall, bell tower, well house, and garden with water from the Takano River remain as they were at the time. The hexagonal lantern (Rengeji-style lantern) in front of the main hall, which is said to have been favored by tea masters, is also one of the highlights.
During the fall foliage season, the pillars of the shoin are likened to a picture frame, and the view of the pond garden is exceptional.

Autumn leaves season information

  • Best time to see autumn leaves / Usually mid-November to late November
    Visiting hours/Admission fee: Same as regular visit

Rengeji Temple

  • Rengeji
  • 1 Kamitakano Hachimancho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • 6 minute walk from Eiden Miyake Hachiman Station
  • Tel.075-781-3494
  • Parking available

  • [Normal visit]
    Visiting hours/9:00-17:00
    Admission fee/500 yen
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