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Festival of Kyoto Confectionery and Kyoto Culture

Wagashi and traditional beauty come together in "Festival of Kyoto Confectionery and Kyoto Culture" / Miyakomesse

Friday, February 09, 2024 - Monday, February 12, 2024
10:00-17:00 (until 16:00 on the last day only)
Kyoto Kangyo Kan Miyako Messe B1F

The "Kyoto Confectionary and Kyoto Culture Festival," an event to promote the appeal of Kyoto confectionaries and Kyoto culture, will be held from February 9 (Fri.) to 12 (Mon.), 2024, at one of the largest event venues in Kyoto [Kyoto Municipal Industrial Promotion Agency, Miyakomesse].

The event will feature a variety of events that will allow visitors to experience the beauty of traditional Japanese sweets and confectionery close at hand, including a hands-on experience of making Japanese sweets with professional Kyoto confectionery artisans, a kimono dressing experience, an exhibition of craft confectionery works, and sales of Japanese confectionery and confectionery making utensils.

Other events include a fashion show of original kimonos with wagashi motifs and a wagashi demonstration show, making this an event that many people can enjoy. Come and experience the diverse culture that Kyoto prides itself on, including kyogashi.


Stall holders (in no particular order)
Kameya Shigehisa, Kagi Ryuzo, Kameya Koyo, Kamahachi Roho, Tsuruya Mitsunobu, Souhatodo, Mikuraya, Hojiken,Gion NarumiyaYamashina Kameya, Marutamachi Narumiya, Kyoto Kuriya, Gansendo, Tamaruya, Yu Ryoko, Omuro Wagashi Itotatsu, Takanoya Sadahiro, Kyoto City Tea Industry Youth Association, Ebisuya Kahei, prefere, cherie-sucre, Kitao Shoji, Yamanashi Seian, Yokoyama Yume, Kyoto Resin (9th), Horikuraido (9th & 10th), Kyo Senshi Tokuno (10th & 11th), Soratobu Kirin (10th & 12th) (10th and 11th), Soratobu Kirin (10th and 12th)

Stage Performers (in no particular order)
Koyama Minegetsu, Kyoto Women's University Female Chorus (9th), Kyoto Women's University Koto Club (9th), Yokai singer-songwriter TAROZA (10th), Poran reading group (10th), M2K2M (11th, 12th) and others

Festival of Kyoto Confectionery and Kyoto Culture

  • gift wrapped in paper
  • Kyoto Kangyo Kan Miyako Messe B1F
  • Feb. 09, 2024 (Fri.) - Feb. 12, 2024 (Mon.) 10:00 - 17:00 (until 16:00 on the last day only)
  • Admission free *There is a fee for various experiences.
    Japanese sweets making experience / 2,000 yen with green tea *Reservations accepted until Feb. 4 (Sun.), day-of-performance tickets available.
    Matcha (powdered green tea) making and original Uiro making experience / 1,500 yen and up (accepted on the day of the event)
    Kimono dressing experience / 4,000 yen and up *Reservations required; reservations accepted until Thursday, December 28.
  • Inquiries/Kyoto Confectionery Instructors Club (kyogashi_koushi@yahoo.co.jp) *It may take a few days to reply.

  • 9-1 Okazaki Seishoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • 8 min. walk from Exit 2 of Higashiyama Subway Station
    Short walk from bus stop "Okazaki Park, Rome Theater Kyoto, Miyakomesse-mae".
  • Parking lot available (charged)
  • https://www.miyakomesse.jp/kyogashi/
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