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Ryukyu kimono "Yellow ground, gauze weave, warp stripe", 2004 © Atsushi Higa, Tsuka Shashinkan

Bashofu "Handicrafts of Living National Treasure Toshiko Taira and Kinyoka" / Museum "Eki" KYOTO

Saturday, September 09, 2023 - Sunday, October 29, 2023
10:00-19:30 (Last admission/19:00)
Museum "Eki" KYOTO

Toshiko Taira, a Living National Treasure, and the Handicrafts of Kinyoka" is being held at the Museum of Art "Eki" KYOTO, located in the JR Kyoto Station Building, until October 29 (Sun.), 2023. Toshiko Taira, a living national treasure, revived the almost extinct bashofu industry in her native Ogimi village of Kinyoka, where she was born and raised, and established a workshop, bringing it back to the present day. This exhibition features approximately 70 pieces of bashofu, including kimonos, obis, sashes, and materials.

Bashofu "The Handicrafts of Living National Treasures Toshiko Taira and Kinyoka

  • Basho "Ningen Kokuhou, Taira to Shiko to Kijiyoka no Teshigoto" (Ningen Kokuhou, Taira to Shiko and Kijiyoka no Teshigoto)
  • Museum "Eki" KYOTO
  • 09/09/2023 (Sat)~29/10/2023 (Sun) 10:00-19:30 (last admission/19:00)
  • Adults 1000 yen, High school and college students 800 yen, Elementary and junior high school students 600 yen
  • Adjacent to the 7th floor of JR Kyoto Isetan
  • Directly connected to JR Kyoto Station
  • Tel. 075-352-1111 (main representative of JR Kyoto Isetan)
  • open every day during the exhibition
  • https://kyoto.wjr-isetan.co.jp/museum/
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