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Specters are coming to Mitsui Temple! Mitsui Temple Yokai Night 2021

Saturday, August 07, 2021 - Monday, August 09, 2021
19:00 - 21:00 *to be cancelled in case of rain
Mitsui Temple (246 Sonjoji-cho, Otsu City)

The "Mitsui Temple Yokai Night" will be held again this year at Mitsui Temple in Otsu, Shiga, from August 7 (Sat.) to 9 (Mon.). The event, which will be held for the fourth time this year, has become a summer tradition in which yokai appear in the temple grounds at night, eliciting screams and laughter from visitors.

During the festival period, a number of events will be held, including the "Mitsui Temple Yokai Procession," in which yokai will parade through the Mitsui Temple precincts and visitors can participate; "Ghost Story x Satsuma Biwa" in the most terrifying space by professional storytellers; "Mononoke Market" where yokai goods specially designed by yokai artists will be sold; and a video of a storytelling by Tetsunushi, a yokai passed down in the tradition of Mitsui Temple. The "Yokai Night Photo Contest 2021," in which you can easily participate by posting on Instagram, will also offer prizes to the winners.

Enjoy summer nights with scary yet adorable yokai.

Specters are coming to Mitsui Temple! Mitsui Temple Yokai Night 2021

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