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Gion Festival CF

Co-creation facility QUESTION and Yamahoko-junko (in 2023)

Crowdfunding for Kyoto "Gion Festival" starts!

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to ensure the safety of the Gion Festival, which represents the summer in Kyoto and Japan, and to pass it on to future generations.
This year's goal is 16 million yen, up from the previous year's 15,935,000 yen. Funds raised will be used to strengthen security, assemble the floats and mountains, deal with accidents that may occur during the procession, and take measures against heat stroke.
Donors will receive a return gift such as a tenugui hand towel or a fan, depending on the amount of the donation.
*Donations start at 5,000 yen and will be accepted until Friday, July 19.

Gion Festival CF

One of the returned gifts is a special viewing of the post festival procession QUESTION (150,000 yen return gift). The "Tsujimawashi," the most exciting part of the Yamaboko procession, can be seen clearly. The photo shows the scene in 2023.

The cost of the entire festival is about 30-40 million yen. Over the past seven times the festival has been held, a total of more than 7,700 people have provided more than 84 million yen in support of the operation.
We hope that the "Gion Festival," Kyoto's proud traditional event, will be successfully held again this year.

Donation Type] Overcoming New Challenges, Supporters Wanted for 2024 "Kyoto Gion Festival Yamahoko Event

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