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light tea bowl

Lunch at Hikaru Chatun is 1,700 yen. You can choose your main dish from Shumai, Nikuman, or Boiled Gyoza. Set includes 2 side dishes, soup, and Chinese tea

Enjoy Chinese tea and freshly made dim sum at Koru Charon in Kusatsu

June 21, 2022 open

Near Kusatsu-juku Honjin, which still retains the atmosphere of a post town. A tea salon where you can enjoy steaming fresh dim sum and Chinese tea in a quiet space behind a plain curtain.

light tea bowl

Mr. and Mrs. Yamazaki, who were originally from Chakan Kissago, a medicinal restaurant on the banks of the Setagawa River, opened the store with the hope that it would become a place for people to gather and mingle. In fact, his wife, Mai, is not only a high-class tea craftsman certified by the Chinese government, but also an astrology-based star reader.

light tea bowl

The 1,700 yen Lunch Lunch at Hikaru Chakun comes with Chinese tea chosen from a fortune-teller's fortune.

The popular lunch menu is titled ``Omikuji Chinese Tea,'' and the idea of selecting tea leaves based on intuition, by assigning numbers to Chinese teas that are particular about their origin and cultivation method, has been well-received. They also have a wide selection of desserts, including special almond tofu.

light tea bowl

light tea bowl

  • Hikaru Salon
  • June 21, 2022 open
  • 2-8-26 Kusatsu, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture
  • 10 minutes walk from JR "Kusatsu Station"
  • Tel.077-500-3596
  • 11:00-16:30 (Lunch LO/14:00, Cafe LO/15:30)
  • Irregular holidays
    better to book
  • All seats non-smoking No private room No parking
  • https://hikarusaron.com/
  • PHOTO/Naoka Hirata, TEXT/Junko Nakao
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