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Found near Kiyomizu Gojo Station, Kyoto! A handmade soba noodle restaurant where you can also enjoy ceramics [Sono Baba]

July 07, 2023 open

A 7-minute walk from Keihan Kiyomizu Gojo Station. Mr. Yoshida honed his skills by renting a room and then became independent as he had hoped. Together with his friend Andrew Saito, a ceramic artist, he opened a handmade soba restaurant with a ceramic studio [DONOMA studio].

Inside the store

The restaurant uses native buckwheat produced in Nagawa, Hokkaido, which has a strong flavor. The soba is smooth and refreshing, while the addition of coarsely ground buckwheat flour gives it a rich, thick flavor.
The dough is kneaded exactly the same way," says the owner, Mr. Yoshida. He is interested in ceramics, and the store is also lined with pottery vessels handmade by Mr. Yoshida. Workshops by Mr. Saito are also held at the pottery studio, so why not enjoy both soba and pottery to the fullest?

the spot (near the place)

Kamo nanban: 1,800 yen. Soba noodles are firm and full of the original flavor of soba, and the gentle taste of broth accompanies them.

Saba-zushi (mackerel sushi)

Saba Sushi 800 yen. Seasonal stick sushi is a popular side dish, and mackerel sushi is available in autumn. You can also drink sake with the fatty mackerel as a side dish.

then and there

  • July 07, 2023 open
  • 533-3, Hon Shiogama-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

  • 7 minutes walk from Exit 1 of "Kiyomizu Gojo Station" of Keihan
  • Tel: None
  • 11:30-15:00 *Close when sold out
  • Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • All seats non-smoking No private room No parking
  • https://www.instagram.com/sonobanosoba/
  • PHOTO/Takahiro Takami, TEXT/Eiko Itakura
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